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Where should I look if I want to buy a blanket?

Asked by timtrueman (5751points) September 16th, 2010

I’ve had one for so long I never have bought one before…and it’s falling apart. I’m slightly sad about it… Sniffle

I’m looking for something I can love and use for another decade and is hopefully cheaper than a Ferrari 458 Italia. Where should I look, online or offline (in San Francisco)?

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Walmart has the most awesome microfiber fleece things. I got a king size for under 20, I wrap up in it naked and thats all I need. I’m coldhearted so that’s sayin a lot

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Ross is where I buy mine. Usually I can get a king size for $15–20, sometimes $25. Worth every penny.

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What kind of blankets do you like, Tim? Heavy, light, wool, down, fleece?

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@tragiclikebowie Well I had a fleece that got lost so I was planning on getting a light fleece blanket but the main blanket I have now is pretty light and I liked that. I don’t think I’d want it to be fleece but I know nothing about the other types. Something that’s easy to wash—I don’t like complicated washing requirements.

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Costco has some really nice ones right now. They’re micromink reversing to microsherpa. It’s seriously insanely comfy. It’s like being wrapped with the purrs of a thousand kittens.

Fleece is also nice, and unless you take it camping or a pet destroys it, you really shouldn’t need to go outside of Target/WalMart for one that will last awhile (although my parents wouldn’t be caught dead going anywhere besides Lands End).

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@timtrueman You could get a light cotton blanket for when it’s not too cold – I like mine, I got it from JCP home store, it’s Egyptian cotton. Another thing you could get is a down comforter – I’m sure what it would require to wash, though.

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I only have one problem with WalMart. 85% of their merchandise comes from either China or another foreign country. go to a decent store like Sears, Macys or Kohls and look for your blanket there. quality is the name of the game for long-lasting endurance. i think you already know this.

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@john65pennington Doesn’t stuff from those stores come from China, too? I thought it was kind of insanely impossible to find something that wasn’t made in China.

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LL Bean. Bed Bath and Beyond. Lands End. and of course The Company Store. All have a wide selection of affordable blankets.

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One of my favorite blankets came from Target. It’s actually one specifically for flights. It’s lightweight and perfect for traveling. I use it when not traveling, too. You’ll likely see it next month.

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