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What should I do, I am having trouble with hormone pills?

Asked by Sunshine1245_119 (3points) September 16th, 2010

I have been on my period since the 23rd with only a 5 day break. I am on hormone pills (Balziva) to regulate and lighten my period. The previous pills I was on when I took 2 of them it slowed me down alot, this new pill is alittle more than double the strength of one of the previous pills i was on and it makes me alot heavier than I am 6 hours after taking it. I have been in the hospital once with a low red blood cell count before. 2 days ago I went to the doctor and had my blood count checked again, it was back up to 11.6 and then it dropped to 10.6. Since then I have been alot heavier thanks to the new pills they have me on and I dont know what my level is now. The symptoms I had before when I was low are starting to come back now. The doctor is saying it will take time, but the pill they put me on should slow me down not make me heavier. What should I do? Give it time or do you think I should go to the hospital so they can monitor my blood lose and try everything they can to stop me..?? please help. Oh, when I was low I did pass out, and I dont want to pass out again.

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o-o…gosh…of course go to the hospital, honey…..please…

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