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What are some last minute birthday gifts?

Asked by sml (107points) September 16th, 2010

I have a friend who refuses to tell me what she wants for her birthday. Me and many of my friends still need to get her one, and its on saturday so I have no time to order online or anything. Any ideas? She is a 13 year old girl.

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Depends on what your friend is like. Are there any cool t-shirt places near you, or perhaps a second hand clothing store that sells interesting t-shirts? My daughters (and their friends) like any kind of dinosaur, sharks, or math oriented t-shirts, kind of along the lines of these. Walmart has some pretty fun ones that you don’t seem to see on everyone.

Is there a gift shop that sells craft items made by third world countries? Perhaps woven purses are fun to have.

I-Tunes gift cards are always good.

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This idea is for if she still uses CD’s instead of having all the music on an iPod.
Do you have any blank CD’s? Do you know what kind of music she likes? Burn a CD of 10–12 songs that you think she’ll like.

Gift cards are always alright, but they’re not the most sincere gift.

My friend and her sisters have gotten these cool baskets of different little things like a hair brush, music, a gift card, etc. in a cool basket that helps organize stuff on the top of your dresser. For that, you don’t even have to get a bag or basket, just tissue paper.

Well, I think I had a couple more ideas, but I have to go. I hope these got you thinking!

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Go and get $10. gift cards and wrap them up individually, hot glue to long sticks from a hobby store and present them as a “bouquet” of flowers complete with ribbons wrapping the wooden stems. Does she like stores like Claires where you can pick up all kinds of small accessories or how about the candy stores where the varieties are in big bins and canisters?

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Cool compact mirror.

Earrings (or piercing, if she doesn’t have, and parents OK)

Mug (if she likes tea)

A really nice pen.

A cute notebook.

Hair clip/pin/grabby thing with teeth

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There’s always personal certificates, for foot massages, homework help, chores, etc. that you’ll do for her.

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Chocolate…. Chocolate anything….

Know her fav choc bar? GET HER THAT… in like a giant size

Girlfriend? Chocolate rose or the above.

Even the simplest to the most expensive Godiva chocolates= awesome gift.

If she’s not the chocolate type of person, READ THE STUFF ABOVE. Got some good stuff, good luck!

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My girls love Forever 21. If there are any by you, they’ve got some nice affordable in fashion clothes. There are some great ideas here! pack gift baskets like the others said, buy lipgloss or make up from Claire’s. Happy searching!

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Whatever you do don’t get her body wash or lotion. It took me twelve years to use up all of the perfumed glop I was given in middle school and high school.

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Maybe give her a little goodie bag filled with all sorts of little stuff. Like chocolates and other little snacks, candles, keyring, stickers, puzzle, outfits for her Barbie if she still plays with those, some money wrapped up like a cute little parcel.
I always liked getting a goodie bag filled with all sorts of random little gifts.

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one time i needed a gift for a young girl, and i was willing to spend around $30. i went to one of those stores at the mall that personalizes things – the chain – what’s it called? Personally Yours or something like that. anyway, every mall has one. i got her a nice pewter-looking jewelry box with her name engraved on it. Her first name and middle names. It was something she will have forever.

also, i like the answer just above about the little goodie bag filled with all sorts of stuff. i think if you could throw in one or two of the $10 gift cards someone mentioned that would be nice, plus a candy bar, some gum, maybe some lip gloss, key ring – you know the junk (“junque”) young girls like.

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