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Can evangelical Christianity (or Christianity itself) be saved?

Asked by iamthemob (17147points) September 16th, 2010

I recently came across this documentary about an attempt from an evangelical Christian to start an open conversation about belief. It’s trite, in a way, but refreshing in the way that the documentarian opens himself up to ridicule and abuse, in many ways, in order to start the conversation from an emotionally “flat” place.

PLEASE watch, visit the website, or if you have something which seems as open about starting a conversation about such a volatile topic…more resources would be welcome.

Is this a good start? Is anything a good start?

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Ba dam! Word play!
Can it be saved? Not without evolving, but I believe it can.

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I try

Check out the film when you get a chance…it’s kind of adorable, and heartwarming. It’s starting from the premise that “Crap…we’ve kind of ruined everything…we need to get it together and apologize for that…”

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@iamthemob I’m watching it as we speak. Obviously, there are sane religious people but no one said there aren’t.

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yeah, but the public ones are really, really crazy in general – or really, really disingenuous

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@iamthemob well, all you’re doing is preaching to the choir. man, we’re on fire tonight!

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The only way to help Christianity at this point is for all Christians to be TRULY converted. No more words of what Christians should be or do but an actual, living example. When Christians are able to live what they claim to believe we will see a difference. So yeah, it’s a good start.

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@livingchoice If Christians could do that they wouldn’t need a savior.

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I’m sure it can be. But it’s up to Christians to do it; I’m not about to. What would be the point in my saving something I don’t even believe in?

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I hope not. I refuse to support any religion that condemns all other religious or spiritual beliefs. All the “only way” religions can go to hell for all I care.

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@fundevogel That’s the point. Christians are trying to convert themselves instead of relying on their savior to help them. They have a form of godliness but deny the power (holy spirit).

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You CLEARLY did not watch the documentary or go to the site. Also, your statement really can’t be interpreted as responsive. How would Christianity save itself by condemning all others?

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REALLY good point – again, did you watch the doc? Or have you done research on this? The perspective this is coming from is “let’s put aside all the judgmental bullshit, we’re making a mess. We have to apologize and change because it totally makes sense WHY people are running away from us”

NOTE – again, if anyone has resources that seem like “good conversation starters” in that they facilitate open conversation.

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