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Is an Android like a jailbroken iPhone?

Asked by Dog (25132points) September 16th, 2010

I know that many people jailbreak their iPhones so that they can take advantage of the apps available for Androids.

Is there an advantage to having an actual Android over a jailbroken iPhone?

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The differences between each of what?

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I did a clarifying edit. Thanks @papayalily

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Not exactly. You can’t install Android apps on an iPhone, just like you can’t install iPhone apps on Android. They are separate operating systems with separate “app stores”.

The advantages of Android over a jailbroken iPhone is that the Android is meant to do the things a jailbroken iPhone is trying to do. Better multitasking, homescreen widgets, higher customization of settings, etc. A jailbroken iPhone is better than a regular iPhone, but I think Android is better at doing those things. The iPhone is very good at what it does, but it’s not really made for doing the jailbroken stuff.

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@J0E Thanks for the response. Question: So if money was not an issue (I have heard iPhone is more expensive in apps and hardware) you would still choose the android?

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So, just for reference, the price of the most expensive Droid is the same price as the 16G iPhone 4.

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@papayalily How about the apps? I heard on appadvice that the same exact apps can be cheaper for android.

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@Dog If money was no issue I would go Android, but that’s just a personal preference. That being said, as a user of both devices I’ve never boughten an app before. If you look hard enough there is usually a free alternative, and that goes for both app stores. For me, I use Android because it’s more flexible and I find it more functional.

You didn’t hear it from me, but it’s very easy to pirate Android apps…

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@Dog Yes and no. A lot of times, there isn’t an exact cross-over. There will be programs that are very similar, but aren’t done by the same developer. I do get most of my apps free – I don’t know if that’s a choice for the iPhone.

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I watch apps for price changes and have gotten most of mine free or for 99 cents. (if it was not obvious I am on an iPhone) I have not jailbroken it though I would love to be able to choose the location of my icons.

So for Android are the service plans cheaper?

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@Dog Any Android phone is priced just like any other smartphone, it’s totally based on the carrier. The plans for an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Captivate (Android) would be identical since they are both AT&T smartphones. The difference is that the iPhone is only on AT&T, whereas there is an Android phone on all the major carriers, which gives you some flexibility in what carrier/plans you want.

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One other thing I like about my Droid is that Verizon’s $29.99/month data plan is unlimited; I hate having my usage capped.

The optional Swype onscreen keyboard is also rather cool one you get used to it.

FYI, not all Android phones are running the latest version (2.2). Most are, but not all.

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