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How to stop a 5 month old male kitten from being aggresive?

Asked by redbuzz67 (5points) September 16th, 2010

This 5 month old un-neutered male keeps attacking our 2 older neutered male cats. He jumps on their backs and latches on and bites their necks. We tried spritzing him with water when he does it but nothing stops him. He will run off and when we arent around, he does it again and again. How do we make him stop? He is going to get neutered next month when he is old enough. Help!

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I’m not sure this is actually aggression, at 5 months he could just be playful. Kittens will “play fight”, just like lion or tiger cubs will, to hone their hunting skills.
Are the other cats playing back? By playing I mean will they wrestle with him? If they are hissing, or the fur on their back is standing up.. they are not playing. Otherwise, it could all be in good kitty fun.
Neutering should calm him down overall.

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Cats usually figure this stuff out. Unless your other boy is really crying and acting fearful, don’t worry about it.

There are many techniques to use if your cat really is getting out of hand. You can isolate him every time he acts out. Close him in a room for about 5–10 min. until he calms down. Do this every time. Or you can try redirecting his aggression. Try to divert his attention to a more appropriate play thing.

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Show nonviolent domination by grabbing his scruff with focus, without anger and hissing when he does that. He will understand the fact you don’t like the behavior he was in. I’ve had to do this to some cats that live in my backyard. In some of them it has totally corrected their behavior, and in others of them it has at least corrected the behavior when I’m around.

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It’s hard to tell whether you’re talking about normal kitten behaviour, or feline aggression.

I think you should consult a vet. This might require extensive training and conditioning.

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