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What are some good girl names?

Asked by Kkrazy55 (127points) September 16th, 2010

This is for a story I’m writing. I need some girl names that sound really pretty but means something kind of dark. Such as a name that means ‘fear me’ or ‘danger’ or ‘stay away’. Anything around that. Any ideas?? Please tell me the name and the meaning too!!:)

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My daughter’s name is Ripley. That seems like it would fit well based on your description.

Oops, forgot the meaning. Her mom and I were watching Aliens and Sigourney Weaver plays Ellen Ripley. Seemed cool and beautiful.

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You could always go for “Veronica”. She was, of course, the brunette and ‘evil’ counterfoil to Betty, the cute, innocent blonde.

Personally, I always preferred Veronica anyway.

But really, why hit your readers over the head with this? Let people’s characterizations speak for them so that when they hear the name after they’ve read your work then they will associate “that name” with “those characteristics”. Don’t let someone else do your work for you, no matter how well it was done in the past.

If I were going to write about a tragic young woman who later killed herself, I would certainly NOT name her Juliette, Ophelia, or Sylvia. Take a name that’s not already fraught with meaning and give it some that it never had.

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You can use any name. I was writing a book a couple months ago (I don’t think it’s going to happen after all, but that’s off the subject) and I asked a question here on Fluther. I think it might have actually been @CyanoticWasp who gave me the advice he pretty much gave to you just now. A good way to find names is go through a baby name site and see if you find anything. Check around.
Also, a new trend in names is spelling a word backwards. If you find a word that kind of goes with her personality, and when you flip it, it sounds like cool name that clicks, go with it.

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I see where you’re coming from, though, names can have symbolic meanings. You could use an ordinary first name, but use a symbolic last name.

I’ll give an example from the show Mad Men; the writers on that show do a great job of this sort of thing – Don Draper: Drapes cover windows and you can’t see inside, just like with him. No one knows who he really is, not even the people who know him best and know some of his secrets.

Maybe that approach will work. Good luck.

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“Grumple”it means mean mo-fo!

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Being of Greek origin, here are two names that came to mind:
Damia = Goddess Of Forces Of Nature
Desdemona = Of The Devil

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@lucillelucillelucille Grumple sounds like something after a night of Taco Bell and PBR

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I really like @christos99 suggestion, Desdemona. Pretty name but means something pretty terrible :)

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Dendrobates (last name) after a genus of brightly colored poisonous frogs.

I’ve heard that “Belinda” is antique Italian for “beautiful serpent.”

“Belinda Dendrobates” flows beautifully, if you ask me.

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Phoenix Marie

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Okay well These are names I’m planning to name a child if a girl which is either Lyn, Lilith, or Nina. Those are the three I want to name either the children or child which ever, but uh you can use them. I don’t mind I think it would be an honer to know that you did.

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I recently heard the name Beth on Glee. Its a name that is hardly used any more. I love Elizabeth but when you cut it short by just saying Beth. It just sounds so soft. The way you envision a baby girl. Soft.
Plus I like that she can either go with her full name or liz, or beth or elize.

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Patricia. Pat, Patsy, Patty, Trish, Trisha,

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I always liked Marie, it means bitter.

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The character I need the name for is actually very nice. Her name is supposed to mean something dark but sounds beautiful. If it counts, the main character has long, black, wavy, thick, lucious hair and beautiful clear blue eyes. Her skin is pale and smooth with a few freckles and she has long, dark, thick eyelashes.

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Ripley’s middle name is Marie

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Natasha, Tania, or Lucia.

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Ripley’s mom’s stage name was Natasha

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Ebony means dark strength or dark beauty

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ok sorry I don’t know the meanings but Ingrid and Ariadne.
sorry but hope this helps!

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and if none of the names up here help you try this site it’s really good and usefull for first names :D

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