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Can you recommend one productivity-enhancing software application?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) March 28th, 2008

Ideally looking for third-party apps.

Don’t just say “Mac is better than Vista.” Nor need you mention any apps already bundled in with the OS (like Widgets or Task Manager). Can be either Mac- or PC-based(or both).

Valid examples include Launchy or Quicksilver.

Bonus points if you can explain exactly how it improved your workflow so the rest of us can duplicate your success.

[P.S.]: Specific widgets, plugins, or the like would be suitable.

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ColorCop is really cool. It allows me to pick a color from anything on my screen to see the HEX and RGB values to use in photoshop, gimp, etc. So now I don’t have to *try to match a color that I see or download an image to pull the color off it.

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have you ever checked out ? Merlin Mann is the authority on productivity on the mac.

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Yah, that and Life Hacker’s Hack Attack are both pretty awesome.

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I love Yojimbo – all it does is organize all of those little bits of information you have floating around (serial numbers, passwords, random PDFs that don’t go anywhere else), but it’s made my life so much easier since I started using it. I highly recommend it!

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I love Leap

I have been pleased as punch with this low-budget shareware. It’s a marvelous little tool and was a little ahead of its time.

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I’ll go ahead and make a contribution here, too.

I dig the Copernic Desktop Search utility for Windows.

It’s markedly faster than Windows integrated desktop search and its interface is vastly superior to Google Desktop’s search function.

It works great with Outlook, and so, for me, it really delivers on being able to find everything. For email, it’s actually faster for me to search than to navigate to the folder where I know the email resides.

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my 2 cents for the mac: MacSpeech Dictate. Someone recommened it here when I asked a similar question.
It let’s you talk and type and it works fantastic with the built in microphone in all my mac’s. I am a writer so talking out my book is much easier.
Not to mention I wrote an AppleScript that let’s me use the built in “Speech” to start Dictate. So if I have an idea in the middle of the night, I screen at my computer and it starts to record in a note pad every thing I say. It’s so awesome!

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damn iPhone. I ment “scream at my computer”

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I have a mac and to speed up the workflow I use automator, my brother uses quicksilver. Both of these are great apps and they speed up your workflow if you know how to use them correctly!

I use them to delete mail that is from someone that isn’t in my address book.
To automatically send my siblings e-mails saying when I’m going to have to shut down the network for maintinence, so it also co ops along side with iCal.
And to block anyone that IM’s me with a s/n that isn’t on my buddy list.

These are only a few of the most basic actions you can do. But I also have a pc that I barely use but if you need help with that also than just comment me and I’ll be glad to help you!

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I like Evernote as a way to store documents and notes I take from my phone.

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