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Do you feel more confident or less confident as you get older?

Asked by ftp901 (1300points) September 16th, 2010

When I was a teenager / 20-something I think I was a lot more confident than I am now. I was willing to take risks and believed that I was capable of doing anything. The world was my oyster. Now reality has set in during my 30’s.

What do you think about your confidence level – at what age were you most confident?

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I am more personally confident, meaning happier in my own skin. Inside, I am soooo awesome. Outside however, I find that I do think twice about physical and legal ramifications before I daredevil. I still do, but I’m smarter about it. Guess I realize I’m not indestructible. The forties have definitely made me smarter.

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More confident than ever. older life, wisdom and experience come way too soon.

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I think I’ve become more confident. I am more sure of who I am and what I want. I also know more about how far I would go to accomplish my goals.

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I feel more like I just don’t give a rip, which sometimes manifests as a kind of confidence.

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I am as confident as I have ever been and I thank my parents for affording me opportunities to make lots of mistakes early on so I can deal with the mega BS that comes you way later in life.

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More confident in my own abilities but less when it comes to other people. I’ve guessed I became wiser to other people’s true motives the older I’ve gotten.

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This is a very GQ which got me thinking, however, like most things pertaining to humans, I think it’s very individual and personal, and depends upon when you ask the person – at what stage you catch him. I think there is a natural confidence with youth, in the “take on the world” brashness and exuberance, which is natural, like a child exploring boundaries. Before you are told that you can’t do something, you think you can do anything.

I lost a lot of confidence after my divorce (many years ago) but have gained it back. I think it fluctuates, depending upon little (big) things, like money, minor or major successes with the children and myself, and professionally.

But that’s how I am. I am certain everyone is different. GQ. Made me actually think, and write. Social can have intelligent and thought-provoking questions after all.

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I’ve never been confident. It seems to be getting worse. I think every single thing I do is a mistake, I think I’m a mistake, and that my life is a mistake. I’m 17 and I have this mindset.. I’m messed up.

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I am more confident in my abilities, personality and relationships.

However, I am less confident that I’ll reach my goals before I die.

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Really good question. In my younger days, I was supremely confident in some ways. Almost arrogantly so. I was a smart and good looking girl, and I knew it. I was also stupidly confident that I wouldn’t get hurt. I did dumb stuff like walk around town at 3 in the morning, by myself, as a 14 year old girl. But, I was also really, really self-conscious, on the inside. I wouldn’t take out the trash without full hair and make-up. God forbid anyone see me looking less than perfect! When I was alone in a public place, I always felt like people were looking at me. I’d sometimes have panic attacks, that feeling was so intense. All in all, I was an idiot.

Now, at 43 years old, I’m entirely comfortable in my own skin. I rarely wear make up or do anything with my hair. I’m afraid sometimes, but fear can be a good thing… I no longer take stupid risks. I’m confident in the ways that matter, you know? That I’m a good mom, wife, employee… that I’m a decent person.

So, not necessarily more confident as I’ve gotten older, but confident about better stuff.

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More confident.

Once you have proven to yourself you can do anything, then it becomes ’ do I WANT to do this or that.’ I no longer feel any need to prove anything, to myself or anyone else.

I am happy and confident in exactly who I am right now, and I love the age of wisdom. ;-)

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When younger I felt pretty confident. It was based upon a feeling of immortality and viewing perspectives in black and white. Maturity and education have wiped away those feelings. They have been replaced with the knowledge that we are mortal and that there are many different viewpoints that are right, whether I personally believe in them or not.

In all, I’d have to say that I may be less confident today at 47, but I prefer where I am. And I’m really looking forward to the day when I can be confident enough to curse and fart in public and not care what others think.

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More confident!and it keeps escalating XD

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