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Have you ever accidentally received a present that wasn't meant for you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38854points) September 16th, 2010

Or, was there a time when you were expecting a present and you accidentally got a present that was not only not a present for you, but wasn’t a present at all? Well, if you were at your 7 year old birthday and someone apparently gave you, say, a bottle of glue for a present, would your reaction possibly be something like this

Poor kid! It was my granddaughter’s 7th birthday today. There were a bunch of presents piled up on the picnic table, and she’d opened several of them. But someone how, someone had left a Walmart bag with their own personal purchase of glue mixed in with her present…and I got the shot!

Here are the next few moment in sequence (yes, I was a shutter snappin’ fool!) The first is her sweet anticipation at opening it.

The second is the one above…her reaction.

The third is when the few people who caught it started laughing, POOR THING! But some things you can’t help.

The fourth is mom making it all better, and explaining that it was an accident.

The fifth is “All better now!”

:) Did you ever have an experience like this as a kid? Or, as an adult, were you ever left befuddled and confused by a gift that made absolutely no sense?

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One year, my mother-in-law gave my oldest daughter $5 on her birthday, and gave her younger sister $20. When my oldest daughter said, “Hey, it’s my birthday. Shouldn’t I have received the $20?”, my mother-in-law yelled at her for being an ungrateful child, and then got mad at me when I tried to explain what was messed up with the situation.

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Once at chinese gift giving. You randomly pick a gift but the gift can be exchanged (by stealing) 2 times. Well there was a mix of toys and gifts for children and adults. One was DVD of john wayne movies. He had gotten a bed and bath perfume bath set. Well the kids mother got video game. So she told my husband to trade with her son. Her son was only 5 so when my husband went to trade with him he started crying. He wanted the John Wayne movies. He just thought since my husband may such a big deal that it must be the best gift. His mom sat him down to watch one movie and then he told my husband he could have the old movies. He was still rather miffed because although he got the game and he liked it, he thought you get to keep everything you got for christmas.
Bottom line. Never play chinese gift giving with children.

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Neh. But this one time i got a thank you card from a very sweet math teacher, for a gift that she thought i’d given her. It must have been someone else with the same name that gave it ‘cause it wasn’t me.

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My first ever model kit.. For a birthday…I got the paper off to see a box with the picture of a super marine spitfire on it, when I opened up the box the parts to the model were linked up on a frame :-/
I had no idea then I had to assemble the plane myself! I was about six or seven at the time, never seen one before so I was a little stumped :-/
My brother helped me build it….

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Kinda sorta. My mom made Holly Hobby dolls one year complete with sets of clothes… and shoes. Thing is, she made one each for my best friend and I in our likenesses but only had time to make one pair of shoes which she intended to give to my best friend and then make a pair for my doll after Xmas. I snooped around and found the presents early and threw an absolute fit my doll was barefoot and the other girl’s had shoes.

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@BarnacleBill MIL sounds like an asshat.

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