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What is this horrible pain around my bellybutton?

Asked by niks1112 (410points) September 16th, 2010

Since this morning, I started getting a really horrible crushiating pain around my bellybutton, the pain is not always so heavy, but it is always there, when the bad pain does come around though, it is so bad that It really hurts me and lasts for a little while. Comes on and off through out, But at least like, once every like 5 minutes or so, What can it be?

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Are you male or female?

I’m asking because if you are a female this could be a symptom of ovarian cysts.

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Around, like a ring? Or is it off to the side? If the former, it might just be small potatoes. But if it’s to the side, it’s very likely your appendix getting ready to blow itself open.
Check the Symptom Checker, and maybe call a nurse hotline.

I’m told that as it approaches critical mass, an appendix can very well drive someone to tears.
Another, rather uncommon possibility is that your intestine flipped over on itself.

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@chels I am female. I have had many problems with ovarian cysts since i was like 12, and I know the difference of those types of pain. So i am like 99% sure that it is not that, but still, thank you for your response! :)

@Nullo the pain is center like right above the bellybutton, and when the horrible pain comes along, it starts falling downwards towards the right side

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If you said it was itchy, I would guess it was an infection inside the belly button.

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@zophu , No, it is not itchy

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Umbilical hernia has similar symptoms but I would not play spin the bottle on our rookie arm chair diagnosis and go see a Doc as soon as feasible.

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What @Cruiser said.

What if someone here absolutely nails “what it is” ... how does that help you? We can’t very well operate or prescribe from here, can we?

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No, but at least it gives me some idea as to what it could be, until i can go see my doctor….

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It can be a number or things. Even Appendicitis. Take some mylanta or something like that and see it it will go away. If it doesn’t, than go see a doctor. When I had appendictis only one doctor knew that the pain can present itself at the belly button. By the time they figured it out it had ruptured. Luckily I was in the hospital already.

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@niks1112 okay then. If it’s painful, then it could be serious, and you should walk into the doctor’s office first thing tomorrow morning, even without an appointment. Unless it gets much worse tonight, in which case you should get a ride to the ER.

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@Pandora, I just went to the grocery store to buy somthing similar, took it about an hour ago or so, and still im getting the same pain, maybe i need to wait a little longer for it to kick in? I dont know but i am going to see how it goes. Crazy story from what happened to you. Im curious as to what you were actually feeling?? what kind of pain, where, how long… etc…

@CyanoticWasp, yes, thank you I will go first thing in the morning.

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@Pandora Mylanta will only aggravate appendicitis.

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I was 8 years old at the time. I just remember saying my stomach hurt and even passing out at one point. It had gone on for a week and none of the doctors could figure it out. They thought I had a stomach bug. It wasn’t till I peaked a fever of 106 and was in the emergency room when a doctor finally figured it was my appendix and rushed me to the OR.
By then I only remember my body hurting all over from the fever and I felt like I was on fire.
That was 40 years ago. Wish I could help but if you do have a fever than go see a doctor.
Now it could be simply something very minor so don’t get to crazy about it. But do see a doctor if the pain isn’t going away.
@Nullo. Didn’t know that.

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You need to go to the ER now, especially if you also have a fever. Classic appendicitis presents with pain around the bellybutton that travels eventually to the lower right side. Pain while walking is a sign of peritonitis, or irritation of the inner lining of the abdomen. Other possibilities in that area are pancreatitis, stomach ulcer or gall bladder disease. Go now!
FWIW, I’ve done this before.

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Please let us know how it went. I hope you feel better.

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