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If you were the next great prophet to grace the world stage, what message would you be bringing to the world to help us out of our quandary?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 16th, 2010

What do you think would be the special message you, as the next great prophet to Earth, would be mandated to disseminate?

And how do you think you might have been given this assignment? By whom? Under what circumstances?

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“There are no prophets, no one is going to save us from our selves, work together if you ever want to find real solutions. Stop looking for magic fixes to real problems. We are the first, you wont find any guidebooks to life that where not authored by us.

Remember to watch this video at least once a week for the rest of your life, or until it is no longer useful.


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God isn’t real so be who you want to be. Go and be happy. Marry whoever you want. Fuck whoever you want. Just don’t hurt anyone.

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Prove what?

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Your actions will always affect someone. Say you sleep with five chicks and find that one special girl to you who doesn’t want to have sex with a guy who has had sex already. She thought you were the right person, but your decision to not keep it in your pants made her automatically shut off to the idea of you. Even if it was before you knew her, your decision still deprived her of something she once wanted and made her feel bad. So, yeah.. your decisions will always affect someone whether you think it or not. That’s what I will tell everyone.

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@ducky_dnl Judging someone on their actions before they knew you is unethical. We’ve discussed this before, remember?

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@boots I remember, but I can’t help thinking that way.

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@ducky_dnl and I still think casting the first stone is worse than sex.

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@boots I know and I understand where you’re coming from.

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All answers can be found “here’:

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Let’s see. Based on past prophets…

I would claim to be the messenger of superpowerful alien beings, and then—attributing it to the aliens—repeat existing religious and philosophical ideas and modify them so as to give me complete control of a cult of followers.

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@ducky_dnl You can help thinking that way. Being so completely judgmental is not only damaging to your relationships with others but also to yourself. People will never live up to your expectations.

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Stop being a bunch of chodes.

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Be excellent to one another.

And that’s it, really.

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God [doesn’t judge] so be who you want to be. Go and be happy. Marry whoever you want. Fuck whomever you want. Just don’t hurt anyone.

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@iamthemob I like that. Thankyou.

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@downtide I like that you quote Bill and Ted

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“Love one another”. Not F one another. : >

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@eden2eve – I don’t see the difference.

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I do. We don’t necessarily F everyone we love.

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@eden2eve – But if we love everyone, wouldn’t we be loving everyone we fuck?

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My message would be, ’‘Stop trying to find a culprit, and start finding a solution. Over and out, I got shit to does here.’’

Limps off on old oaken staff.

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World peace truly is the answer to helping sustain humanity. Make it your vision.
Study what other cultures and countries do well and not what they do wrong. Make it your mission.

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Do the right thing. Love one another. Repeat.

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