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What kind of conversation would you have face to face with other Flutheronians?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) September 16th, 2010

Imagine there was a get together of Flutheronians in your region. When you engage in conversation with them face to face over drinks or the buffet table do you feel the conversation will be cordial, pretentious, animated, casual, pensive, or an all out argument?

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I have had dinner and drinks with three people from Fluther. It was almost like we are normal people and interacted as such.

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In LA when I jumped into Dr_C’s car, we just began talking like we had seen each other the other day and it was no big deal. It was nice, and same with Tim, it was like oh hey I’m here, lets watch Community and talk about random crap. So, it was like old friends!

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Sooo uhhh… nice to me you.
You too.
... Yup.

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I think it would be pretty normal and then I’d expect a lot of discussion over fellow Jellies.

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“Wow, @IBERnineD…you’re sooo pretty. And such a nice girl.”

“and, um…I’m really sorry I never had the time to get to your logo.”

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“You’re taller than I imagined you.
“And what’s with the Tennessee accent?
“Hey, What’s the deal with that @Hypocrisy_Central guy? Where does he come up with that stuff?”

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I’ve met 3 jellies (and will be hosting two more in my home overnight in less than a month!) and our conversations were delightfully normal.

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OK, now that @augustlan said that, I can add that the conversation was animatedly normal.

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I’m seeing… a food fight. Of Animal House proportions.

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@marinelife Yes! Animated and lovely. :)

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How fun, @augustlan! There aren’t too many Jellies in my region, but I’d imagine we’d all end up in a food fight.

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I would imagine it to be an animated, cordial, and intellectual conversation all wrapped up into one neat package.

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@marinelife and I met and had a wonderful time. We talked like old friends as we had expected. It would be different with different people depending on our online relationship. Austinlad and I would probably pun each other to death; jjmah – err, Mama Cakes and I would hug. Auggie I am hoping to meet at some point soon.

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It all depends on the crowd. There’s a few where I imagine we’d talk about digusting odd diseases, tractor races and running through the streets at night naked save for pistols and pokemon backpacks.

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I.. would not be in attendance. As much as I adore you jellies to pieces, I don’t intend to meet anyone.
I’m positive it would make for fascinating conversation, however.

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I am thinking if I ever met another jelly they would pummel me with panutbutter and jelly sandwhiches…......or rotton fruit Har har.

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(Slowly puts object shaped suspiciously like a peanut butter jar behind back. Looks around casually, whistles. Sidles out of room.)

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Oh…..I just know you really want to…............with extra gooey jelly. LOL LOL

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@rangerr and I talked about… Fluther.

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