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Priority assegnation help!

Asked by Nullo (21946points) September 16th, 2010

At present, my budget allows for $300 per month to spend however I like. At present, I’m eying two rather large purchases:
1) a Model 1911 Kel-Tec semiautomatic pistol at approximately $750 and
2) a mess of very pretty computer parts that will end up costing about $1,200, and giving me a machine that could run Luxembourg, or else Oblivion with maxed settings.

I want both equally, and have no immediate need for either. It is my intention to pay in cash.
Which, o Flutherites, would you recommend that I pursue first?
Or should I just direct all available resources towards paying off my car?

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A good Republican wouldn’t worry about 1K.

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@johnpowell I am neither Republican, nor am I worried about 1k. I just want opinions on which to pursue first.
I’d kind of appreciate real answers.

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I would get the cheaper item first. I can’t really place why, sorry.

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Knowing you’ll have to curtail your spending for a few months, unless you’ve already got it saved up, I’d go for the computer and world domination. Or at least, domination of a tiny corner of the world.

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If they are both equally important (or unimportant, as the case may be) to you, just flip a coin. If you’re disappointed with the outcome, you’ll know which one you really want. That said, I’d go for the computer, every time. Of course, I’d never buy a gun in the first place, but that’s just me.

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Putting aside my personal negative feelings about guns, I say if you have no immediate need for either, stick it in a savings account. That rainy day for which neither gun power nor computer power will suffice is bound to come.

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In a year, the Kel Tec will still be worth $750. The computer parts? Worthless.

I’d do the Ruger LCP.

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Gen the gun… then use it to get the computer parts.

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Get the computer parts. You’ll get more use out of them. Hopefully

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Oh for heaven’s sake, pay off the car. Then you will have even more discretionary income for buying whichever toys you decide you find delightful, useful, or interesting.

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What Kayak8 said.

Paying off your car loan ahead of schedule should reduce the total amount of interest you’ll pay, which will give you that extra discretionary income in the long run.

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Pay the car off first! The less interest you pay on that the quick you are to getting both!

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The ammunition for the Kel-Tec will bring you up to the price of the computer.

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