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Where is your hometown?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) September 17th, 2010

Do you consider your hometown where you were born or where you spent most of your life ? What is your definition of hometown? My hometown is Fargo, North Dakota. I am so glad I left. LOL

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hometown, wherever I happen to live at the moment. excluding hotels.

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I’ve only ever really lived in one town most of my life (except for 3 years where we lived in England), so my home town would be Pretoria, South Africa. For some reason i usually associate home town with the town where one was born, or at least lived there for the first few years of ones life.

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I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas—Cowtown, it’s called—and the older I get, the more kindly I remember it. I’ve lived elsewhere for many years, but I still have friends and relatives there.

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I grew up in a tiny town in Wisconsin (lived there 19 years), so I consider that my ‘hometown’, but I moved out of the country first chance I got. ‘Home’ is in New Zealand (where I lived about 15 years). I’m struggling to make Norway my home.

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I was born and spent a good chunk of my life in the City of Chicago…North Sider. Go Cubbies! There is always next year! XD

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I don’t consider my hometown as the place I was born seeing as I was only there for ~1 year of my life. My hometown is a great place though :)

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Brooklyn, NY was where I was born. We moved so much I can’t pinpoint one place as my hometown. I loved living in all the places we moved to except the one I’m at right now. I hate it here, and refuse to call it my hometown

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Well, it isn’t a town… it was an Indian reservation in Wisconsin.

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I consider my hometown as upstate NY, because the area is pretty generic. I was born in Otsego County and now reside in Chenango County. Not much difference between the two. Rural, lots of open space. That’s about it.

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I consider my home town the place where I remember growing up the most, and that’s two moves away from where I was born. And that would be where the Karate Kid’s Uncle Louie was from: Parsippany, NJ.

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@mrentropy NO WAY! That’s where I went to elementary school! :)

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@chels No kidding? Which one?

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@mrentropy Lake Par Elementary!

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@chels Ah, I was on the other side of town and went to Northvail.

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@mrentropy So crazy that you lived in Parsippany. I love it there. I lived right across from the lake on Lk. Shore Dr. :)

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I grew up by a lake in Michigan.
I would like my new hometown to be in Nortrh Carolina :)

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@chels There really is a lake? Yep… I see it on the map. Color me surprised!

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I grew up just outside of Boston, MA. I consider this my hometown as I was there for the first twenty years of my life.

I still live within twenty miles of Boston.

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Bremerton, WA, then I went to middle and highschool in Troutdale, OR.

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I grew up in the streets of Oxford, Ms. Finished high school there and got my degree at Ole Miss.

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I lived the first eight years of my life on Staten Island, NY.

Florida has never felt like home.

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I consider my hometown to be where I was born and raised. I happen to live there now, in the exact house that I grew up in.

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Hmmm, kinda tough for me, moved around alot as a kid…Born and lived in Jacksonville Fl. until I was about 12, then moved to Alma Ga. ( yeah, probably can’t even find that one on a map) where my grandmother still lives, moved to Waycross Ga ( another teeny town) when I was 15 and lived there until I met my Husband at 18. I guess I would call waycroos my hometown though, since it is where I go to visit my family now. My Home since then has been all over the place, from IL.( where I moved when I got married) to Cocoa Beach Fl, to St Louis, TN and a few places in between….and my home now is in Forest Hills NY….. Did I mention I’m a Gypsy?

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I was born and raised ina little bitty town(approx. 250 people) called Mecca (seriously!) in West-Central Indiana. That will always be home no matter where I am.

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I was born in Limoges in France, but my family left when I was six. I remember a lot of it, but I’d have to say that I really grew up in Osbourne Village, a small but very lively neighborhood in the city of Winnipeg in Manitoba, my true hometown.

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I consider a hometown where I grew up. Irvington, Alabama.

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Hometown is where I spent my childhood years. Born in Mooresville,NC but grew up in Kannapolis,NC. Moved a lot growing up but call Kannapolis my hometown.

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