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Are there any household chores that you actually look forward to doing?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) September 17th, 2010

Everyone’s always talking about the chores that they hate doing. So, are there any that you like doing, and why? (other than the obvious answer of “because then it’s clean and tidy afterwards” of course). :)

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First and foremost I love cooking. Love to see people enjoying what I have made.
Then I enjoy doing the laundry – both washing and ironing the clothes. The smell of freshly washed clothes which have been hung outside, then ironed is great.

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Doing the dishes.

(But don’t tell anybody!)

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@partyparty I don’t mind doing laundry either! I hate ironing though.
@worriedguy i don’t mind doing small loads of easy to wash dishes. (heh heh….won’t say a word)

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De-cluttering and cleaning the fridge. Immensely cathartic.

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@Austinlad i don’t like that one….but i’m always glad afterwards that i did it! There’s just something special about a neat and tidy fridge, hehe.

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Cleaning the garage and making the bed as I have to have the sheets tucked in just right or I won’t sleep well.

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I don’t mind mowing the lawn. I have a riding mower and I just put on my head phones, listen to music and drive around the yard.

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@NaturallyMe I wash before I put them in the dishwasher. And then….I put just a touch of oxyclean in the dishwasher along with the usual soap. It smells so good in the kitchen.

Uh, oh… this is starting to sound like OCD. again!
<-Clearing throat and grunting like a troglodyte. “Dishes? I don’t do no stinkin’ dishes. I leaves da dishez for da bitchez!”
Whew! My testosterone is back.

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@LOL (i don’t have a dishwasher yet, so i do ALL the HARD work meself!) ;P

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@Cruiser Yes I must have the sheets perfectly smooth also. I can’t deal with any creases in the sheets

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I get a huge sense of satisfaction from scouring the sinks, the tub and the shower.

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Cooking if it is even considered a chore.

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You guys are wacked. Most household chores suck. Cooking is ok, cause I like eating. Other than that, pain in the butt. (Sorry It’s Friday. I’ll try to behave :))

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I kind of like ironing. Not enough to keep up with it, mind you… I save it up for a looooong time, and then set up the board in front of the TV and iron for an hour or so.

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I like folding laundry during my workouts. Yep XD

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@augustlan Only one hour? I usually iron for at least two-and-a-half hours… perhaps I am too slow LOLL

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@partyparty I have to admit, I don’t usually finish it all in one go. So I make sure to do the really important stuff first. I just can’t usually stand and/or do one thing for much longer than that without paying a huge price for it. (I have fibromyalgia.)

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To relax, I enjoy doing the dishes, doing laundry, and cooking. I used to hate vacuuming, then got a Dyson. Since you actually see the dust you just picked up, it became quite rewarding to do it. I still hate dusting.

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I look forward to organizing my room and cleaning it so it looks nice and organized. That’s about it.

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Cooking, and making or mending clothes. Both are thoroughly cathartic to me.

@filmfann is more than welcome to come wash my dishes and do my laundry. I’ll even feed him. I just got some fresh zucchini bread out of the oven! ^_^

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Laundry, ironing, vacuuming, cooking. :)

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@chels if you and RichardHenry would like to visit the mid-western US for an extended period you are welcome to stay with me. Plenty of room, lots of laundry, ironing by the bushel and of course a well stocked kitchen will be at your disposal! Not to mention a well scrubbed kitchen sink and bathtub!

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@SuperMouse Hahahahah. I forgot, I love dusting too. ;)

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I enjoy washing dishes. I’m not sure what it is that I like about it, I think that I find it relaxing. Definitely cooking, I wouldn’t even consider it a chore, and like @chels, dusting.

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I like yard work. Mowing the lawn, tending to the few plants I have. I think I buy some pavers and built a walkway from the lenei to the gate. That should be interesting,

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Ooh, @Frenchfry good answer. I like to pull weeds. That is cathartic work right there.

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I don’t do lots of ironing at a time! I pack away the clean clothes and iron them as and when i want to wear them. Doesn’t that sound like a better idea?? :) Many time they just get all creased in the cupboards again anyway, so what’s the point of ironing those things before hand anyway?
@filmfann Yes, it’s quite rewarding to vacuum when you can see that you’ve actually vacuumed up something, hehe. I was thinking the other day that it feels like a waste of time vacuuming a room that looks so clean…. :)

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I enjoy arranging our closets and chests of drawers. For my bf to be able to wake up, shower and know he’s got clean clothes and shoes at the ready makes going to work less stressful for him… and me. Same with me, I want to know I can walk into my closet and head to toe I can choose an entire outfit that’s ready to put on, no ironing, no sewing loose or missing buttons, to bustling to polish a shoe toe cap, etc.

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I look forward with anticipation to this chore. Wearing the skirt & singing make it an altogether thrilling experience for me :¬)

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@TheOnlyNeffie a joy, a real joy :¬D

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hoovering… somehow the room always looks cleaner after a good hoovering!!

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Bin Day! Taking the trash out and putting in fresh liners or wiping out the trash cans feels like a fresh start. And since the town doesn’t pick them up, glass and paper products are taken to the local recycling center. Purging the house of refuse makes it psychologically feel a bit cleaner.

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Generally, gag . But since I have a central vac system , I’ll say that one thing. It’s just too cool. And you guys making beds and loading dishwashers blow me away! I can’t imagine such behavior!
@worriedguy I have a little oxyclean left. Do you mean the granules and how much do you put in there? I’m intrigued!
@Austinlad You like cleaning out the fridge? This thread is making me feel faint. I can’t believe this stuff !!

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I like making my bed (I live in a small studio and having a bed that looks nice makes a big difference in here) and cooking of course! I also look forward to those Sundays when I do a ton of cleaning and laundry. I like putting laundry away too.

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I love cooking, and I enjoy the actual act of doing the laundry – but not the gathering of all the dirty clothes. I expect the family members to take their clothes to the laundry room for me to sort, wash and fold. They then pick up their finished laundry.

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What is this “cooking” you speak of? ~

Honestly, I am the least domestic person ever. I’m perfectly fine with building stuff, and painting a room… but my husband is much more likely to do the cooking. Thank god I married a man who both likes to cook and is good at it. Otherwise I’d starve! We both kind of detest cleaning, so we share that burden. I take on the bathroom, and he always does the floors. Pretty much everything else is done by whoever gets around to it first.

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I enjoy doing the laundry as well, including ironing, but I do miss that magical laundry chute. You feed it dirty clothes, and they somehow reappear, clean and folded, in a stack on your bed.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Oh, we used to have one just like that

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@YARNLADY I heard that the company that used to make the magic went out of business in 1975. At least, that is what Mom told me.

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@Aster LOL, yes, mostly housework does suck big time, hehehe!

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Laundry. Nothing smells better than clean clothes fresh from the clothesline or (less frequently, in my case) the dryer.

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I like hanging clothes out on the line, and then taking them down.
I also like to take the trash or the compost out in the evening, when my village is very quiet and the stars are out and the owls are swooping….

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@wilma: where the hell do you live… a quiet village, stars, owls? sounds like a fairytale! i’m jealous. But you just inspired me to take my compost out, although it’s just down into the basement, nothing romantic there

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@lonelydragon Yes freshly washed clothes from the clothes line smell awesome, I agree

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@Samantha_Rae I live in the rural Midwest. Those are just a few of the advantages. :)

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