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It's the internet, and you can choose any nickname - so why did you, or didn't you, add a Princess, Captain, Doctor or God to yours?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) September 17th, 2010

Just curious. Think about it: especially here, on fluther, where you are essentially joining a community – your nickname (as opposed to avatar) doesn’t change, and it reflects (to a certain extent) a bit of your personality – and how you want people to view you before getting to know you. A calling card, of sorts.

So why did you, or didn’t you, add some kind of title to your nickname – and if you feel like it – just for fun – what would you add now?

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Because I don’t have to announce that I’m a princess. It’s just known.
jk jk jk jk

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@chels best answer ever.

I didn’t add any of those to my name, but I did something similar in asserting myself as very literally one of a kind (since I am obviously not the only Neffie.)

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I did- but I am dyslexic…. ;)

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The “goddess” is implicit.

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Because it would be wordy. And if I did add something, it would more along the lines of “Dread Pirate” or “Empress of the Seas”. Yarrrrrrghhh!

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Because I’m none of those… but I am a pair of boots.

Really, I switched to this name because I wanted a simple, short, and slightly askew name.

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I don’t have delusions of grandeur. And, anyway, it would’ve clashed with my “Mr”

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Because I put down whatever comes to me. I really am an aesthetic mess

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You mean I didn’t????

Mods! Mods! How come there’s never a mod when you need one?

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@wundayatta Uhh what am I? Chopped liver?!

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I just don’t think of those types of things an being meaningful when self-anointed.

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I would add a captain to my name, but then my name would be Captain_Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard and that would be really damn long.

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I do put thought into my screen names and avatars, they are as I have wanted all along.

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Mine was just the first thing that came into my head. Random letters thrown together more than anything. I’m glad I didn’t add an f at the beginning, for obvious reasons.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard indeed. And then you would be Captain Bastard instead of Fiddle Bastard, and it just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

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Better than Fat Bastard, but that’s another movie.

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Can I change mine to Doctor Horrible?

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@chels What? Oh! Excuse me! I didn’t know you were a mod. So here’s the deal. I was supposed to be Prince Wundayatta. I don’t know what happened. Like, so, is there anything you can do about that?

Or maybe it would be better to be Wundayatta Prince. So people could still find me under W. Or simply Prince. No. That’s been done.

Well, @chels I guess I’ll have to get back to you about that. ;-)

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Prince Daloon is kinda cool – like something out of Narnia. Just saying.

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Prince daloon was lost in his baloon
and no one knew where he’d gone
So some were hoping he’d be back soon,
Others hoped he’d lie ‘neath the lawn.

well what do you expect for a minute’s work???

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Mine is my calling card. I love nature, so what’s better than wanting to be in a six million acre park in Northern New York. And there are some wild desolate areas up there. Ten hikers have got lost and perished in the last I think 50 years.

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I did, but it actually wasn’t my idea. My original Q&A site name was PixiePerson, I think. After answering a question on Askville about favorite or interesting historical figures another member was fairly insistent that I should change my name to EmpressPixie. It was cute and I liked it, so I did. So, I guess the reason I added “empress” to my name was because my favorite historical figure is Emperor Norton I, Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico.

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It’s a self-esteem issue.
and “Baron Sarcasm” just doesn’t have the right ring to it, y’know?

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I’m a queen of my own realm so I like to ‘pose’ as a normal person on the internet!

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@ShanEnri- what s/he said.

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I have paradise as part of my nickname.

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Because I’m lame. :(

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Well, to be technical, it should be Mrs April Simnel, but I’m plain people and I don’t need an honourific.

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Well, ‘High Empress of the Universe MissAnthrope’ was too long.

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Because I’m Symbeline, and that means I’m awesome.

Granted though, I kinda wish I had picked Xena instead.

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@zen_ What again? Haven’t you been around long enough to have seen this same question over and over by now? I have.

All right – my story – again: I always ask people for donations of yarn to make gifts for charity auctions and fairs. When people refer to me, they call me “the yarnlady” so that became my name.

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@YARNLADY I’ve known that since AB. Now that’s how you get a username. :)

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I am egotistical, not pretentious.

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Captain God?
Major God? minor god?
General God?
Private God?
Lieutenant God?
Doctor God, MD?
Doctor God, PhD?
Doctor Captain? ... they just don’t have the right tone

Princess God—has the best ring so far

Unicorn God—because if you’re going to be mythical, then you may as well be redundantly so.

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@jerv I’m pretentious but not egotistical. Together, we could conquer the world.

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Because I’m not 12. sick burn

If anything, I’d be ‘The Good Reverend Sunday Kittens’.

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@YARNLADY The question wasn’t “tell us again the story of how you chose your nickname” it was ” so why did you, or didn’t you, add a Princess, Captain, Doctor or God to yours?”

Kapish, Yarn_Princess?

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I never planed on sticking around. And I am lazy.

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I had to laugh at YOUR assertion that Avatars change and screen names do not. From the zen-King of ever changing screen names (and a relatively stable avatar photo) . . . . you inspire me to think about a weekly change as well. Perhaps I shall have to add something honorific or self-promoting the third week of each month.

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How about Kayaking ?


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@zen_ Excellent suggestion . . . hmmmm Kayaqueen (sounds like a dishwasher), Kayaduke (sounds like a Hawaiian surfer dude), Kayagod (sounds like some kind of Indonesian fruit), kayadoc (a type of shellfish) . . . I think you win with Kaya-King!

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Nothing special here. Just another whatthefluther.

See ya…..Gary/wtf

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@zen_ Oh, sorry – Make that “Queen of Yarnia”. The reason is I don’t believe in or approve of using fake titles.

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Queen can have different meanings. Titles can be bought.

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Well, as anyone familiar with Greek mythology probably already knows, Iphigenia was a princess (and according to some, she also became a goddess).

But I’d rather people’s first impressions of me were not that I am 12 years old.

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@zen_ oh, if we’re talking about purchased titles, then call me Senator @CyanoticWasp.

Come to think of it, as in the joke where the father asks his son what he’d like for his birthday and the son says, “I want enough money to buy an elephant!” And the father asks why he wants an elephant: “I don’t want an elephant. I just want that kind of money.”

I don’t want to be a senator; I just want that kind of money.

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Princess Chyna or Her Royal Highness Chyna is a given.

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I put “Dr” there because I didn’t go to Evil Medical School for 4 years to be called Ms., thank you very much.

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My son put Dr in front of his screen name because he paid $100 to ULC for a PhD in Philosophy.

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Just noticed that I closed this zen account with the Seal team six’ icon – in September of 2010.

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