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Would you like to live where it's sunny all the time?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) September 17th, 2010

Or would you rather the four seasons?

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I love the four seasons: but not to exaggeration. I am in the Pacific Northwest, and this is perfect for me—fabulous summers (usually), long falls, long springs, and cold, wet winters.

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I don’t think there are any places in America where it’s always sunny. I live in L.A. and it’s not always sunny.

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The four seasons, change is a good thing. Even though I hate the cold.

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I used to live in Colorado, It was always sunny there (just not always warm) We had two seasons instead of four, too cold and too hot. Yes I would love to move back there, I’m hoping next year.

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@cockswain No. I used to live in Philly and it is not always sunny all the time by no means. Is that show good?

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No. My skin is not made for sunny climates. I’d either hide inside most of the time or get skin cancer. In any case, I prefer to have the variety of seasons. Which we do have in Philadelphia. Although, right now, we are under drought warning.

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I do live where it is sunny for the majority of the year (Southern California) and I cannot stand it. I’d love to live in a place where it is cold year ‘round.

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@Aesthetic_Mess I love that show.

@Capt_Bloth I live in CO now, and we’re finally getting into the 1 month of fall.

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I’m born & bred in England. If I lived anywhere with constant sunshine i’d probably not last more than a month or two.

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I live where it’s sunny most days of the year and I hate it. I miss trees, flowers, scented breezes, color change leaves, soft dewey mornings and foggy evenings. The consistency of sun feels overbearing to me, almost a forced state of non ease, non relaxation. “Oh look, the sun is shining- go go go!”

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@cockswain What’s it really about?

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No ways, that would be depress me. I love cloudy, rainy, cool days. Rainy days are my absolute favourite, followed by overcast days. I love chilly weather where you need to dress all warm and get all cozy. :)

Also, i generally prefer cold weather to hot weather, i can’t STAND the heat and getting hot and sweaty…but a nice comfy warm summer day is wonderful. Actually, spring is the best, just after the winter when everything turns green again, the air is more bright, the flowers are back… but i still wouldn’t want sunny weather all the time.

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No. We have four very distinct seasons and I think each one makes you appreciate the others more. And I love everything green, so the rain is ok as well. Plus, it would be hard to have The outdoor Hockey Classic in Florida.

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We have all four seasons here, but it’s also mostly always sunny!

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I do love the four seasons,and would come back to play in the snow even when I do eventually move to a warmer climate :)

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I did for 25 long years—in Phoenix, Arrizona—and all I can say is, if you don’t mind brain-disintegrating sunshine and pizza oven heat for 10 months of the year… be my guest.

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If you want to live where it’s sunny all the time, build a house above the clouds.

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@Austinlad: That is the absolute perfect description of that place!_ Glad you made it out.

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I will retire in the mountains of South Carolina just so I can be kissed by snow, hurricanes, earthquakes and sunny days!

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I lived in Florida where it is mostly sunny all of the time. I missed the seasons terribly.

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@Aesthetic_Mess Bunch of guys and a sister running a bar that will stoop to any level to make money or get laid. Danny DeVito is father to one or two of them. Just hilarious.

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I live in the city that has the Guinness world record for most days of sunshine in a year, and is also the Lightning Capital of the World. Figure that out.

Oh, and I hate it. Seasons, please?

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Wow, I knew that Phoenix is hotter than LA, CA, but the longest cumulative period of time that we’ve had that much heat in a year is 4 weeks.

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Every time the next season comes along, I think “Yes, this is my favourite!”... I think they each last a little too long though… perhaps 8 seasons in a year would be better? Each one of the four, twice?

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Heck yes! Where is this magic place?

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@cockswain enjoy it. I’m in New Jersey currently, I love this time of year but the rain can be oppressive.

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No. Hell no. I lived in Southern California for a year and a bit, where it was “mostly sunny” ... and I hated it.

Give me New England weather: fog, drizzle, rain for days, snow, sleet, ice, thunderstorms… and perfect days of warm or cold sunshine, too. They’re all as close to perfect as I need.

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The sun shines about 85% of the time in Tennessee. beats Florida. the very best sunny location to live is Jamaica.

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Definitely the four seasons for me. I could not live without fog, thunderstorms, and the rare but occasional snowstorm. And sometimes I just like gray skies.

That said, I live in Portland, OR and it literally rains about 9 months of the year – which can get a little old.

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I live in Minnesota. I hate the cold, especially since the cold air gives me especially bad runny noses and I think it makes my asthma attacks worse. But here’s my take on the weather:

Winter makes you appreciate anything above 40*.
Spring doesn’t last long enough, but you realize how deprived you’d been for the last 4–6 months (it really does last that long here).
Summer makes you appreciate anything under 70*.
Fall doesn’t last long enough, but you realize how deprived you’d been for the last 2–3 months.

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I like having all four discrete seasons.

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If I want seasons, I will visit them. Mild, sunny weather is what I want.

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@Neizvestnaya and @Brian1946, the only thing that saved me from Phoenix was being able drive north only a few hours to Flagstaff, where the temperature is generally 20 degrees cooler, the mountains are more beautiful than concrete, and—big surprise!—the people are a whole lot nicer. ;-) Also, the Grand Canyon isn’t too far away from Flag.

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I live in So Cal….. I hate the sun…. Wish it was cold and windy and snowy all the time…. Grrr….

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I’d rather go through the 4 seasons.

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@Austinlad: I have found a retreat in Jerome I absolutely adore and playing in the snow in Flag helped a lot over Christmas/New Year’s to break the brain funk.

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Pretty much, yeah. This past El Nino year where it was cloudy and rainy all the way into summer made me realize just how depressing and shitty gloomy weather is. Now, having 4 distinct seasons where it’s really only gloomy and rainy during the winter would be fine, but I prefer mostly sunny for most of the year. That’s why I really don’t understand why anyone would live in the Pacific Northwest (no offense).

Sunny weather makes me feel more inspired, it makes everything more fun, it’s just wonderful. :) It’s nice to have some cozy overcast days (as a kid I always hated it when it was sunny on Christmas), but I want the sunny days to far outnumber the cloudy days.

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