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How would you rate your skill level / knowledge in your chosen profession?

Asked by ftp901 (1315points) September 17th, 2010

Each occupation has a knowledge base or skill base. In your your chosen profession, would you say you are an expert, intermediate, or beginner….or rate yourself out of 10.

Do you know your industry inside & out (and could get any job you want) or are you barely knowledgeable (and lucky to have the job you do)?

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I’m a full time history student.

If people need to know something about history, they come to me.

I’m still no expert though, so I’d say a 6.5.

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Remember that confidence question a little while ago?
I am an expert. I have the clients, the rates and the billable hours to prove it.

And enough flexibility and free time to screw around on Fluther.

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As I am a student I would rate myself as an 8 out of 10 student because I do pretty well in most subjects. I’m getting straight A’s, except in Geometry, but I am definitely going to change that hopefully.

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I think my expertise goes above and beyond 99% of the other people in my field. Honestly.

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I am expert at what I do for a living. I give me a “9” as there are lots of people smarter than me. My job involves every aspect of my business. The critical part of my job requires a bit of chemistry to help formulate new and innovative products.

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I’m glad you asked this question because I have not been able to work this news into my posts on Fluther yet.

Yesterday, I was officially selected to be one of the newest tutors in the Writing Center of our university :) I’ll be drawing up my contract Monday and attending a full-day training session on Tuesday. I’m so excited! This is my first job ever and I hope I don’t screw things up. I’ll be working with both individual students and groups.

In order to work my job, you need to have: a fairly strong grasp of grammar, be a competent writer, know how to teach (because being a good student is not the same as being a good teacher), and one of the stressed issues was being able to work with ESL students in remedial English. I meet the criteria. I feel as though I have preparing for this position for a long time as I often lend out my editing / teaching services to friends who cover a wide spectrum of learners.

I would say I am above intermediate, but not an expert (maybe a 7.) There is still a lot about grammar I don’t know yet and I cannot fathom what kinds of questions I will typically be asked yet. I have an idea based on what I have been asked on my own, but I expect I will get asked questions I have never thought about before.

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@muppetish: Congratulations. Your answer is a good example of good writing skills. (One typo ; lean?)

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Congrats @muppetish that is very commendable!

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I got my job an unconventional way, so even though I’m probably very good at it (that’s what my boss says), I don’t know if other employers would think the same thing. Besides, I’m not so interested in it any more.

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@TheOnlyNeffie, @gailcalled, @Cruiser Many thanks to each of you :) Thank goodness the edit button was still there. It should be typo-free now.

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I have been doing art work and working as an artist for years.There is always something new to learn and that is exactly what appeals to me
.Am I good at what I do? Damned straight,I am ;)
Congratulations @Muppetish):

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I’m an expert in my current field, which is very narrow, and specific to the company that I work for.

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I’m not quite an expert and honestly don’t think I’ll ever be one because things are always changing in the medical field. There are alway new medications to learn about and be aware of. I am very good at my technical skills and teaching my patients. I know a lot about nursing and have worked in a few different settings.

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In the actual nuts and bolts of writing a screenplay, I’m rather good, especially with dialogue. I can also write comedic sketches and dramatic episode scripts very well. I can direct and get the performances I want out of people. I can put a production together and can find and assess talent, so I’d say I’m pretty good with certain types of producing.

As far as asking “important” people for money to do a project, or asking someone with the power to do so to look at my script, or hobnobbing and networking, I could use lots more skills. I would also like to better my ability to take rejection less personally, and I would like to stop equating “asking” with “pestering people/pissing people off”.

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Homemaker – excellent.

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I’m an old nurse. Got my RN 33 years ago. I’m not as fast on the computer, as newer nurses, or have as much endurance, but I have gotten the highest compliment, in my opinion, one nurse can give another, ” I want you to be the nurse for me and mine.”

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@zzc I totally agree with you about the highest compliment that one nurse can give another. There are so many nurses I wouldn’t want to take care of my family or me. I have had several people tell me they would want me to be their nurse and I have about a handful of other nurses I would trust enough to take care of my family or me.

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I’m among the top 10 in my country. Which, ironically, doesn’t make it easier to get jobs because people always want to hire someone to do it for cheaper. But it does mean that I get to have a good go at some of the more prestigious projects around.

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