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Birth stories...what's yours?

Asked by curlyz (1194points) September 17th, 2010

your own, or your children..or relatives..

Personally, I don’t have an interesting one, mine is pretty common, everything planned, and in the hospital.

<<as usual, lots of lurve to everyone>>

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Judging by the size of my head I expect my mom is still quite mad at me.

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Are you squeamish? Because mine resembles a horror movie. Srsly.

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@Cruiser – mine is big too, and I know my mom had a very hard labor with me…poor mom..:(

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The births of both of my children went swimmingly, fortunately enough. Not much of a drama but I never pass up the chance to recall the most awesome moments of this Daddy’s life, so far :¬)

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Wow you should have seen mine. When I was born the Doctor Slapped my Mother. :(

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@Seek_Kolinahr – a little…but go ahead..I want to hear it..

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@Seek_Kolinahr Another vote to hear it.

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@JustmeAman – gosh, what happened?

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I was one of those kids that must have played with the umbilical cord too much I was born with it wrapped around my neck and came very close to strangling myself.

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Well I was so ugly they threw away the kid and kept the afterbirth.

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I lost 3 children just after birth because they were preemies. That was awful.

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I was 10lb baby born after my mom had 35+ hrs of gruelling labor. She says she didn’t think I was her baby when they brought me to her after she was coherent.

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@JustmeAman—o-o…I’m sorry to hear this..

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When I was born I was 15 pounds and 12 ounces because I was a 10 month old baby and my dad was mad because I was born in Jan and he lost the tax deduction.

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I was born shortly after my mother arrived at the hospital. She was wheeled into the delivery room fully clothed, with her shoes on her stomach. Being a New Year’s eve babe, I received a lot of attention. My father used to crow about his little tax deduction.

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My little girl was almost born in the car. Labor was only 4 hours.

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I was a big baby. 10 pounds. My mom stayed in the hospital for two weeks. Also, like @Cruiser, I’ve/had a big head.

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@JustmeAman Holy Cow!!!! 15lbs and 12 ounces!

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@JustmeAman – anytime!
@Frenchfry – gosh.. who else was in the car with you? did you panicked?

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I was a planned baby, born c-section two days early. I was tiny. There was quite a raucous because my mother knew quite a few of the hospital workers. I doubt my older brother was much impressed by his new sibling. What’s a four-year-old going to do with a wailing, screeching thing? I’m sure he would have preferred a puppy at the time.

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@JustmeAman – o-o, my goodness, your mom had a c-section, right?

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@JustmeAman you’re born grown!

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January 26, 1987. My mom, my aunt and my uncle (they had just gotten married a month before) were visiting a friend just outside of Mountain View, AR which, if you don’t know, is a very, VERY rural area. There was a big ice storm and they couldn’t get out of the driveway so my aunt, who was only 18 at the time with ZERO medical experience, had to deliver me on their friends couch.

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You asked for it. ^_^

My plans were so quaint. I was going to have a water birth in a beautiful birth center with my lovely midwives Bea and Ricci. I had a horrible pregnancy – uncomfortable, threw up the whole time, had fainting episodes… horrible. I hoped and prayed that I’d go into labor early just so it would be over with.

My due date came and went without so much as a hint of a contraction. At 41 weeks my midwives started bringing in the “big guns” – the age-old methods of inducing labor. Blue cohosh, black cohosh, homeopathic pulsatilla, acupressure, some crazy incense and ashes thing, castor oil…. nothing.

At 42 weeks the State demands transfer to an obstetrician. I transferred to Ricci’s former employer – this rough, big woman I’d never met before. She did an ultrasound and a non-stress test. Told me the kid was between 6½ and 7½ lbs. (remember that) I checked into the hospital that night (Friday) for an induction.

9:00 Friday night – Cervadil. After 2 hours, they started on the pitocin. I was strapped to monitors, couldn’t eat. I was allowed water for a while.

By the middle of the night, I still wasn’t having contractions strong enough to dilate. They put me on the maximum amount of Pitocin allowed. My pain went from about a 3 to a solid 6.

Hour 26, Dr comes in and says “Hasn’t your water broken yet?” and proceeds to break it. Lots and lots of meconium. Add the neo-natal staff to the party in my hospital room. Pain jumps to an 8. I try to bear it, as I wanted to maintain the idea of a natural childbirth as much as I could.

Hour 28, I can’t f*king take it anymore. Please, please give me the epidural.

15 minutes of glorious pain relief, and then the pain is back. In my back. Only now, the epidural has killed my legs, and I can’t adjust myself to get more comfortable. A nurse comes in and tells me I have until noon the next day to have the kid, or the doctor required by law to perform a C-section. I told her to shove it.

A few hours later I beg the anaesthesiologist to come back and give me another shot. It does nothing. Awesome.

8:00 Sunday morning I’m finally dilated enough to push. All the pain, none of the ability to move my legs. Also awesome. At one point they put a bar over my bed, and wrapped a sheet around it. I used the sheet to pull myself into a sort of squat to make it easier on the baby. Around Hour 37, I was running out of energy, and wept and bawled as I allowed the Dr. to use a vacuum. I don’t know if it was the shame that did it, but she barely touched his head with that thing, and I had his head out. He had shoulder dystocia (shoulder stuck behind my pelvic bone) and she had to reach in and turn him. 2nd degree tear. Awesome.

37½ hours, and baby’s out!
11 inch head. 15 inch chest. They didn’t measure his shoulders – they were wide. 10 lbs 5 ounces. (remember the estimate? Ha ha.) I had half the hospital through my room to see the 10 lb baby that came out of the 5 foot tall girl.

7½ lb placenta.

He was fine, I was fine, all was well, until I started to haemorrhage. I don’t remember much of what happened at this point, as my brain pretty much turned itself off. I remember pain. Pain like I’ve never experienced before or since, and cold. Such cold. I lost 4½ lbs of blood in clots, and I don’t know how much ended up on the floor. My husband says it looked like a scene in Poltergeist. Blood all over the hospital room.

Eventually they got the blood stopped about 30 seconds before the Dr was going to get an emergency hysterectomy on her CV. I took two units of O+ after they moved me to a recovery room, and was still coming up with blood count numbers that Ricci said didn’t even make sense for a living human.

But a couple of days later, I felt like Superman, and had an awesome little boy to show for it. For all of that pain and hassle, I managed to not have a C-Section, and my recovery was still faster than my friend who did have one. Yay for happy endings. ^_^

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Not in my day they tried not to operate at all so I was born natural but my Mother could not have any more children. I was practically in school when I came out. The Doctor told my Mom I would play football because I had huge shoulders and still do.

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@JustmeAman—poor mom…she deserve to be spoiled after that..

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’ll add the 3rd “wow.”

I don’t have children, so the only story I have to offer about childbirth is my own birth. I broke my mother’s tailbone on the way out, 28 years later she still teases me about being a pain in the ass since the day I was born. :)

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@TheOnlyNeffie LOL.. pain in the ass, indeed…. poor mom…

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I was big and had a unibrow, was born on a saturday evening, 19th may 1994.

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my hubby said that when he was born he had a very hairy back…:)

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@Thesexier – was it like in Bert from Sesame Street?

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Kudos to @Thesexier for arriving with a pronounced unibrow!

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My umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck when I was born. They couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t coming out. By the time they had it figured out, I was almost dead. There are pictures and I’m a creepy blue/white color. Nothing terribly interesting, but there ya go.

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@DrasticDreamer yeah, it does happen sometimes, very dangerous situation….
I’m glad you’re with us :)

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@Seek_Kolinahr hoooooooooooooooooooly shit. you go girl. someday you will tell your kids that and for the next mothers day they’ll buy you a trip to the moon for all your trouble, lol

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After miscarrying twins, they told my mom she couldn’t have children. A few years later, she was pregnant with me at 39. She had me by c-section because my umbilical chord was choking me, and tada! Here I am =)

I don’t plan to have any children.

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I only have half a birth story—I went to the OB today for my last fetal nonstress test before they planned to induce me on Monday. I have gestational diabetes, and insulin can be bad for the baby so they check her heart rate and my contractions twice a week and have for the last two months.

Everything was nonchalant and then suddenly I had several of the nurse practitioners coming in and out and reading my chart and then sending someone else in to look. Turns out I was having contractions 5 minutes apart, according to them. I got a quick cervical checkup by the OB on duty. I was only 1 cm dilated, but about 70% effaced and the baby was in +2 position (that’s as low as she can go without actually poking her head out.)

So they rushed me across the walkway to the hospital. I called all my relatives who all came over “Hooray! Baby!” —but NO BABY. At the hospital they said I wasn’t dilated enough and that my contractions were SIX minutes apart and I could be in this shape for days before any action happened. So they sent me home.

So here I am, having constant contractions and a baby almost popped out writing on fluther instead of being in the hospital huffing and puffing. Hopefully the rest of this birth story will end soon! Monday at the latest—but I hope she gets coaxed out sooner.

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@keobooks Cheers! And here’s to a healthy baby and a naturally dilated cervix!

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I was supposed to be an abortion.

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Nothing much about mine. Was born on March third, my mom said it was one of those super silent Winter mornings, seven oh one to be precise, where huge snowflakes fell without making a noise.

I assume that’s bullshit though, I was probbaly unceremoniously plopped out onto some greasy and dirty trucker male bathroom floor.

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The pain of giving birth was so severe the first time, it took me 16 years to try it again. My second son was taken by Cesarean method, because he tried to bust out feet first.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Did you have shoulder dystocia? With a baby that big and your mentioning the shoulders, I would guess so. That’s why they are inducing me early. They fear I’m a very likely candidate for it.

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@Seek_Kolinahr another wow for you. And I was born in the wagon of a travelin show…

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@keobooks My son had dystocia, yes. My midwife reckons that was why I didn’t go into labor naturally. I wonder how they judge you as a “likely candidate”, but after them being four pounds off my son’s estimated birth weight, I’m a little leery of sonograms.

I don’t know anything at all about my birth story, save that my mom didn’t want it to happen in the first place.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Ouch OUch Ouch. I feel for you.

I’m a likely candidate because I’m an insulin dependent diabetic (gestational) and I had symptoms (that got ignored) LONG before it was treated. My husband worked for the Medicaid hospital so we got our services with no copay and basically free, but because it was all Medicaid, they were strictly “by the numbers” and even though I was showing many bad signs, they did no official glucose tests until week 22—the time when they administered it to everyone who went to the clinic. Now isn’t the time to rant about that, but it will probably tick me off forever.

Now my husband works for a “ritzier” hospital and our health insurance plan is much nicer. So I get lots of observation and they were kind of shocked at the state I came in—with blood sugars that were considered pretty good at the Medicaid hospital, they were totally unacceptable at this care center. So they made the assumption that she was growing way too fast on all my extra sugar in there.

I get ultrasounds every four weeks because of the risk factors and she consistently shows that if she went full term, she’d be in the 10+ pound range. And yes, they’ve measured her shoulders and she’s a little linebacker.

I understand how you’d be skeptical of US after what you went through, but after having several more than the average person and getting them so scrutinized by different people. , I think they may be onto something.

If they are 4 pounds off, I hope its on the small side for me. She’s clocking in at 9+ pounds right now—and they want her out before she gets bigger.

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@Symbeline LOL “unceremoniously plopped”......LOL
@janedelila :) “born in the wagon of a travelin show” ?? really?
@Simone_De_Beauvoir – o-o, no…..but we glad you’re with us..
@YARNLADY – I know all about the pain….sheesh…..
@keobooks – happy delivery to you, sweetheart!

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@curlyz my momma used to dance for the money they would throw ;)

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