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Can I change the smell of my pee without giving up coffee?

Asked by Capt_Bloth (2703points) September 17th, 2010

Have you ever noticed that after you drink a bunch of coffee, your pee smells like coffee? (It can happen with poo too, but not guaranteed) I love coffee but this one thing really grosses me out, is there anything I can eat or drink that will nullify or overpower this smell?

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Try decaffeinated coffee and see what happens. if this works, take NoDoze for the the caffeine.

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I wouldn’t give up my coffee for anything! who cares how your urine smells?

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Try eating asparagus.

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I don’t drink coffee but I passed this on to my husband who does. My friend, however, who does drink coffee and is sitting by me is thinking that it’s a nice smell anyway and that you’d think you’d like it since you like coffee.

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Ummm…. I drink a lot of coffee, but my pee has never smelled like coffee! Wished it did.

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Do as @mrentropy says and try the asparagus and also take 500 mg of B vitamin and one whole Jalapeno pepper.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Don’t get me wrong fresh coffee smells great, but this is totally different.

@mrentropy really? asparagus? For breakfast?

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@Capt_Bloth—yeap, for breakfast…and coffee on the side..LOL

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i like asparagus….but, for breakfast! Excuse me, got to run to the bathroom!

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Sauteed asparagus is delicious in an omelette.

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I had asparagus in an omelet today. and a few spears go great with eggs benedict!

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@PupnTaco oh, i can see that…but, just asparagus…nota!

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Why not stop smelling your pee.

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@Capt_Bloth Nowhere in your question does the word “breakfast” appear.

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I drink quite a bit of coffee, and I have never had this problem. Have you thought of changng brands? not drinking chicory are you?

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You know what asparagus does to your pee, right?

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@RocketGuy he asked how to CHANGE the odor of his pee, not how to make it smell better!

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I think he would be better with coffee pee. lol

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Drink more water.

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Only dilution with water, but if you drink a lot of coffee, you’re probably peeing enough already. I think you basically have to live with it.

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@zenvelo – asparagus will definitely change the odor of his pee. Coffee-pee would smell much better.

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What does asparagus make your pee smell like?

@mrentropy you’re right, and actually I drink coffe all day long.

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@Capt_Bloth asparagusy super pee.

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@mrentropy out of the frying pan into the fire? LOL

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@anartist Well, as @zenvelo said, he never said he wanted it to smell better, just different. I as going to give a warning, but I figured he was a scientific type.

@Capt_Bloth I’m glad you said you drink coffee all day because I was about to call you a “coffee poseur.”

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Drink a lot of water after you drink coffee

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And people keep telling me there’s no market for a urine deodorant.

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Oh Sure. Just add in asparagus. CAUTION: You may not appreciate the change. :-)

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Why do people ask so many “my pee smells like…” questions here? It’s totally weird.I think I see one once a week or so. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled my pee in my life.

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My pee doesn’t smell like coffee, though I drink it every day. So I’m with the others who said to increase your water intake.

And yes, I realize that the “it” in the first sentence could be ambiguous. Think I’ll leave it that way. :P

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Drink more water. I find if I drink a lot of coffee, but I’m not getting enough water with it, then I have your issue you mentioned. You’re probably dehydrated.

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Just pinch your nose between your thumb and forefinger while peeing and pooping and enjoy all the coffee you want. By the way, pee and poop tend to smell bad coffee or no coffee.

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I’ve been trying to drink more water, but I already drink a ton. This problem only started recently, when I got my new job. The people I work with smoke and drink coffee all day long. I smoke a pack at work (which is way more than I ever smoked before I quit a few years ago) and I drink about 10 cups of coffee a day (way more than the 0–1 cups I’ve been used to). I know this must be bad for my blood pressure, and sometimes my chest hurts of my heart starts beating really fast for no apparent reason, but it is not something I want to change at this point.

@keobooks It’s not like I bend down to smell the water I just made. this is a powerful odor that makes the entire room smell like old coffee.

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@Capt_Bloth You will be better off if you could manage to cut back on the amount of coffee and tobacco that you are doing. The more that you cut back the better. Don’t wait to develop any of the many diseases associated with the over use of tobacco and caffein before act. My Aunt is 85 years old and just smokes 3 to 6 cigarettes a day and doing good for her age. My Mom smoked 2 to 3 packs a day and die at 73 from it.

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@Capt_Bloth – 10 cups a day??? holy @@@@!
I would worry more about this, then the smell of your urine…..seriously…..
do you feel o’k? hopefully, you don’t have a high blood pressure?
cut back on the coffee, darling…..just my little recommendation…..

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@curlyz yes I’m serious, at least on days I work. On the weekends I don’t smoke, and I might have one cup of coffee.

@gondwanalon I’m not really concerned with the smell more curious. As far as the smoking goes, I quit many years ago and haven’t really missed it. I will probably quit after December 24, at that point I will be going from 12 hour days back to 8 hour days.

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I seriously wonder if it’s as bad as you say it is, if you have some sort of kidney failure or disease. It sounds like your body isn’t processing fluids correctly. I’d seriously go to the doctor. Having extremely strong smelling urine—especially if it smells like whatever you just drank can sometimes be a sign that your kidneys aren’t doing so well.

Also the cigarettes thing. I won’t go on about the health stuff, but as a former smoker, I’ll tell you this. They smell MUCH stronger than you think they do. Even if you only smoke 2 – 3 during work, your co-workers with better senses of smell will notice it. If you’re smoking an entire pack at work, EVERYONE will notice it.

So health aside, if you don’t want to be the “stinky guy” at work, cut way back on smoking and go get your kidney function checked. Because right now, you’re that stinky guy. Nobody wants to be the stinky guy.

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loll…who would have “thunk” there would be this much conversation about your coffee smelling like pee… Capt..stop smelling your pee! Now, come mow my yard.

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You have a serious health problem if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and drink ten cups of coffee a day. You should go see your doctor right away and tell him about all of this and the pee and the stress at work and anything else that might be going on. You should also have a physical with blood work done. Please take care.

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Use it as a refill?

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