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How can I get internet access on my openPandora using a cell phone network? Cheaper is better.

Asked by jediknight304 (44points) September 17th, 2010

The openPandora runs angstrom linux and has standard usb 2.0. Is there a cell phone network in the US that I can subscribe to and connect to, using a USB device that communicates with cell phone towers?

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Yikes, sorry there are no answers on this, James. That’s not really typical of Fluther. I’d guess that no one on the site knows about the openPandora or they just don’t know what to do about connecting it to a cell phone network. After all, it’s mostly coming out in England, at the moment, right? Have you found information on this topic via other avenues? Could you post it here if you have?

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I had never heard of openPandora before I ran across this question, so I had to check it out. This is an intriguing device indeed.
Yes, there are many cell phone networks in the US to which you can connect using a USB device. Verizon is one – they offer 3G access which can work with a little usb dongle. My downstairs neighbor had it working with a netbook and iirc he and I (and jerv) tested it under linux and it worked fine.
Please don’t take my word for it before you put down money. There are Verizon Stores in many urban areas and you can go in there and have them let you test it. DO NOT let them tell you “we don’t support linux” or other hogwash- you know enough to do the testing yourself, just tell ‘em you don’t need help.
N.B. I am NOT a Verizon partisan. I have no particular love for that company. I mention them only because I know they provide this particular service.
Thanks for turning me on to a cool device!

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This sounds like a great lead. Thanks for the linux-specific information. I’m glad to spread the good news of the openPandora. In another year or so, I hope it gets more universal recognition. I’m especially interested in it’s ability to replace a cell phone (I’ve never liked cells). I set up an account with Ekiga and the phone company backing Ekiga already, since I don’t expect Skype to release an ARM compiled binary and wouldn’t be much interested anyways.

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yes there is

look at blog post “Pandora’s box has been opened!”

i use tmobile 10$ unlimited plan

I can tether via USB or Bluetooth

good luck

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This is almost exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks for such a clean tutorial. I’m fairly certain I’m in the last 500 orders, since I ordered on 4/24/09, so I won’t get to test this solution for another… idk… 2 months or so. 8)

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