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I can't make myself focus on anything productive right now. It's useless. What do you do when you feel like this?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) September 17th, 2010

I’m just kinda tired, grumpy, etc. and nothing’s working right today. Any help? What’s your sure-fire way to get motivated and put you in a good mood?

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Walk away from whatever you’re doing. Trying to force it will make it worse.

Go for a walk/run outside.
Have some tea.
Read a book, watch some TV, take your mind off of things.
Recharge yourself with a shower/bath or nap.
Listen to relaxing music.
Do some sketching/doodling.
Cook something!

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Maybe you need a break. take a walk outside, look around, breathe in air.

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Taking a walk is a great suggestion. I also recommend meditation. It doesn’t have to be formal zazen. Just sit quietly and count your breaths and try to relax every muscle in your body.

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Could be a medical issue, but chances are it’s just a case of the blues. Happens to all of us. In my experience, fretting about it just makes it worse. Kick back and go with the feelings without making any judgments about yourself. Do a few things you enjoy, or do some entirely entirely different things to take your mind off yourself. Take a car trip and see some new places. Have dinner with old friends. Do whatever makes you feel good. One morning you’ll wake up and the blues will be history.

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I get that feeling a lot and like @chels said, best thing for me is to just walk away. Sometimes you are just not in the zone for whatever task you are doing; we’re all human and sometimes we’re just not feelin it. I like to walk away, clear my head.. maybe watch some TV, surf the internet, listen to some music, and when I have completely forgotten about what I have to do, then I feel i can come back to it.

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Don’t feel bad. I had a spark of purpose today, and cleaned out my son’s closet, separating every piece of clothing by size, bagging each separately and labeling each with the number of items in each bag, listed it all on Craigslist, then went to the grocery store…

…and came back to find my puppy had ripped open every bag and strewn the contents all over the house.

So much for purpose.

I think it’s much healthier to realise nothing you do matters anyway, and just pour another cup of java and Fluther. ^_^

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I take a break to get out of the house and poke strangers with sticks ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille pokes a lot of people with sticks, I’ve noticed. I’m wondering when it’s going to be my turn! ;-) I generally just go with it and find something to do that does not require brain actvity. And I hope I get it all out of my system soon! If I don’t, I ask @lucillelucillelucille to poke me with a stick.

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I hibernate – I do nothing, I sleep and read – I know I’ll be productive again in the future, it’s no big deal.

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Take a shower.

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