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Can you point me to a great science blog?

Asked by andrew (16280points) September 17th, 2010

I remember a piece in the New York Times magazine mentioning a really good science blog that talked about new, interesting, trending discussions in science—sort of like Popular Science, but a little more in-depth.

Do you know what it is?

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I like this one as it is a compendium of some really brilliant writers…and you can pick your topic. is also cutting edge.

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I don’t think I know what that one was, but this is my cousin’s blog he’s an evolutionary biologist and has lots of interesting insights.

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I’m not 100% sure if you’re asking for that specific one or if you are just looking for a good science blog…

The science section on Ars Technica is one of my favorites:

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Oh my goodness, Andrew, there are so many good ones it’s hard to pick. I subscribe to at least 20. What interests you? General science? Biological science? Astronomy? Medicine? Skepticism and critical thinking? If you want, I’ll just make a list for you, but it’d help me if I have an idea of what you’re interested in.

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A good news site (but not actually a blog) is Science Daily, whose articles are on a par with Science News or New Scientist magazines.

There’s a collection of excellent blogs collectively hosted by Science Blogs . Browse around & see some of the offerings. One of my favorites is a physics site called Built on Facts.

Then there’s Pharyngula, which is run by renowned evolutionary biologist PZ Meyers. Meyers, however, is an outspoken atheist and many of his posts are rants against religion—though always entertaining, measured, and rational if somewhat strident.

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@timtrueman, @Rarebear I’m mostly looking for that specific blog, which (in my mind) was more of a general “Here are some really cool developments!”. The sweet spot for me is something that’s easily readable and provides good fodder for cocktail conversation.

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Are you thinking of John Tierney’s blog that was featured in the NYT in April?

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@andrew Okay. I’ll not do my list. Let me know if you change your mind.

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All that somes to mind is Science Daily

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3rd vote for Science daily – and I use it daily.

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GQ – the links are all so delicious to my brain.
And I’m interested too!

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