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Are there benefits of being male, 5'8" tall, 130lb as opposed to 6' tall and 210 lb?

Asked by Aster (18865points) September 17th, 2010

Just wondering if a man who is under 5’9” tall and medium build could have enough benefits to being that size that he’d not want to be 6’ or over and over 200 lb? Or do most “short” men wish they were tall? Does size matter? For one thing, the smaller guy would be easier on the furniture and food budget. But would he love being bigger?

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I’m 5’8” and around 155ish and I have always been perfectly fine with my size. I wouldn’t say its short, nor tall compared to really the average size person. I fit well in all roller coasters, airplanes, cars, elevators, etc. just fine. It’s easy to buy cloths, and shoes, they always have my size (medium lol). I have never had any trouble with how tall I am when it comes to women..although I guess technically I wouldn’t know because the women that were into taller guys wouldn’t be talking to me like that…but thats another question.

For me, no I do not wish I was bigger as far as height or weight goes.

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I am an inch taller than @wgallios and about the same weight. I only see advantages to being on the smaller side of the 50% line. Health, Clothes, seating, airplanes, activities. l can still climb ropes and do pullups. I can rappel down a cliff face a without fear of breaking the rope.

If I need to lift something heavy I use my brains, levers or machinery. And in bed, I don’t smother my partner with excess weight.

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in a fight against a 6ft+ guy you would have a lower center of gravity, and if you could actually lift the 6ft guy you could throw him to the ground with much more ease. im 6ft 6in, and my martial arts instructor was about 5ft, this is a lesson i know all too well.

EDIT: oh yea, you can also go out at night and enjoy a drink without some really short guy trying to fight you to prove something.

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Being 200lbs and 6’2” sometimes I wish I was shorter, but mainly for toy reasons. Like motorcycles, skateboards, sports cars. Other than being tall as a limit for some things, it’s pretty nice being a tall guy. You can always see at concerts, gatherings. It’s easy to spot your car in a parking lot. Ladies always have a bowl that’s way to fucking high, how do they get it up there in the first place?.

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My husband is 5’11 and about 250. He loves roller coasters and other amusement park rides, but there are quite a few he can’t get on, because of the girth of his chest. Smaller cars are an issue, too. That’s one of the main reasons we have an SUV instead of an economy car.

However, he can always get what’s “up there” for me (@Axemusica, we use a chair, but it’s not very becoming to drag furniture around when you’re in the kitchen. ^_^), and I can just follow him as he barrels his way through the crowd to get to the front, and he’s a great mosh pit wall.

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@Axemusica Sometimes they just want to see you stretch. While you are looking at the bowl they can check you out.

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Flattery will get you everywhere @WestRiverrat ;)

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You probably have a longer life expectancy…but as a short, slight whelp of a man. Pick your poison.

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I’ll ask my sister XD

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I can do a lot more at 205 than I ever could at 148! ;)

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Well, 130 sounds scrawny for a guy who’s 5’8”, not medium build at all. I say that as a 125 lb female who’s 5’3”, and slim. I get your point, just nitpicking here.

My partner is 5’8” and muscled. We’ve been together since high school, and because we’re both short, we got to sit next to each other at graduation. Being short if you have a short partner makes the romantic logistics of life a lot easier.

If you’re short but have average to long arms, it’s harder for someone to hit you in a fight, but easier for you to hit them.

Tall people don’t get to join the hobbit subculture.

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I’m 5’6” and I’ve never wanted to be taller. Even back when I was a freshman in high school and 5’0” and under 100 pounds, I liked being small. :)

But I’ve always been weird, so I guess most of the benefits for me are mental…

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@hobbitsubculture I also think 130 sounds scrawny for someone of 5’8”. I’m 5’6” and 140, and aside from a bit of a beer-belly I’m still otherwise fairly scrawny. My partner is the same height as me, but heavier.

I’d like to be a little taller, but it wouldn’t have to be much. Two or three inches would be enough. I would far rather have bigger feet – I really struggle to find mens’ shoes small enough to fit me.

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