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Care to play a round of: Unlikely Things To Hear On A TV Talent Show?

Asked by rebbel (28365points) September 17th, 2010

Like the item on a British comedy panel show Mock the Week, where comedians are challenged to finish questions like the one i stated.

Unlikely Things To Hear On A TV Talent Show:
“That was a beautiful song…., until you fucking sang it.”
Link to Mock the Week

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“I bet she would just be a terrific lay.”

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“Your mother sang just like that last night”.

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oh @Blackberry, you’re one of the good ones man

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Your daddy sang like that too ;)

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“Well I bet that little fella’s voice will change when his balls drop.”

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“I have never seen anyone do something so amazing with just pingpong balls and their own body, who would have thought you could juggle them, normally people just fire them out their twats”

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@cockswain It be more hilarious if the judge had a straight, serious face too lol.

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I’m kind of picturing Fred Willard in Best in Show.

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Lol! I know who you’re talking about…..him and the dad from the American Pie movies.

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@hawaii_jake Haha….what the hell was that? It was catchy and comical at the same time….

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@Blackberry That’s actually been my ringtone for a couple months now

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@Blackberry : It was found by @cockswain and used as answer to one of my questions here a week or more ago, and here’s what he had to say about it:

His name is Eduard Khil, and he is performing an American song about a cowboy on Russian TV during the Cold War. The Russian gov’t decided that wouldn’t be a good thing to put on tv with the lyrics intact, so our good man decided to trololo all the lyrics instead. Just simply amazing he thought this would be wonderful way to entertain his countryfolk. Anyhow, the video went viral last year and Khil’s grandson showed it to him. Khil is pleased to be entertaining everyone so much again, and has proposed an online meeting to trololo all around the world at once.

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That was a beautiful song….wait… I just got a text from the composer’s wife; he just hanged himself.

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That was such a beautiful song… I always wondered how it would sound coming out of my Siamese cat’s mouth.

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@hawaii_jake Freaking hilarious….Best dub ever.

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“Someone cancel this show right now. It does not need to be disgraced in such a way.”

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Woooow fuck, do you SUCK major ass or WHAT???


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My name is Buck & i’m here to fuck! From the presenter straight down the camera to the dickheads…...... sorry, viewers :¬)

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