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Does anyone think that Facebook will catch on someday?

Asked by dinneland (10points) September 17th, 2010

I understand that there is over 500 million members now, but there is over 6 billion people in the world. That just seems like such a small percentage for such a rad website.

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I really hope not.

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What is this the Facebook you speak of? Sounds like some technology fad. It will go the way of the 8-track soon enough. If you want a serious investment, try tulip bulbs. I hear the Dutch are doing marvelously with these lately.

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Its days are numbered, very soon a big company like google will make a social networking site and it will dominate the market for a good 10 years.

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Hmm. This question is making me want to remove my Facebook account.

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I don’t really care for Facebook. I know weird uh?

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That’s odd, it seems to me like everyone and their mother (it’s a saying, but quite true in this situation) has a facebook. But when you really think of it, you need to only count the people who have a computer, internet, friends, interest in such a thing, and persistence in it. I’d love to see the actual percentage of Facebook users out of all the internet users. Sounds like an interesting topic. :)

While I don’t pay attention to all the added-on things, games, and extras, I love the Facebook basics that let me easily communicate with people while I’m in college and then at home. :]

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@poisonedantidote Google bought and now manages myspace.

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FB has no chance against Myface and Spacebook!

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According to these statistics, 1.9 billion out of 6.8 billion people in the world have internet access. So your figure is really 500 million out of 1.9 billion which is a bit over 25%. I think it’s actually scary just how many that is, when you think how much data they’re collecting and what they can potentially do with it.

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Facebook has had its day. The sun is slowly setting on FB.

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Not really.
According to this, neither you, I, nor about 75% of the world’s other internet users are on FB.

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The people not on Facebook are smart. their computers are free of viruses. Facebook is loaded with viruses.

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Facebook, as a website, is running out of time. Social networking as a whole will continue to grow larger.

@john65pennington The whole internet is full of viruses.

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People with good antivirus software are smart.

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@john65pennington On the contrary, Facebook itself is pretty virus-free. Third party applications accessed through Facebook are another story completely.

Which is why I don’t use them. The apps can go Farkle themselves. ^_^

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I often got viruses off Myspace. Or at least I’d get my antivirus warning me it had caught something, after every visit. Never off Facebook though.

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I just remembered that facebook is banned in Mainland China. Maybe that’s why FB doesn’t have that many users

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I tried, I can’t help myself, it’s a pet peeve

@Michael_Huntington “that many users”.

You and my little brother can e-slap me now.

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Just edited it now, thanks.
My mind has turned to mush from doing nothing for the past 3 months

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I think it’ll gain a lot more customers (or whatever you call them), but I don’t know how much use they will get out of it. They may have 500 million users (or whatever you call them), but how many of those users use? I mean, how many accounts are dormant? How many only check in twice a year or something?

Anyway, I don’t know what “catching on” really means. Did Google catch on? What about the Chinese version of Facebook which has, I believe, more “users” than facebook does. It’s all silliness if you ask me. I mean, why do we even care?

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