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How can you tell when Durian fruit is rotten?

Asked by gondwanalon (19851points) September 18th, 2010

A coworker brought some Durian (“King of Fruits”) to work as a joke to try to gross everyone out with the powerful stench that is characteristic of this fruit. I pretended that I liked the smell and asked if I could eat some of the fruit even though I was a bit overwhelmed by the smell. To everyones horror I ate two pieces of the Durian. I didn’t lie when I said that I liked the taste. I liked it so much that the next day I bought some Durian and have been eating it up. To me it smells like rotting fruit so I wonder how to determine it the fruit is rotten.

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I think when it’s rotten, then you wont like the taste that much… :)

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When its rotten, it smells good.
haha, i really dont know…

But, I did have some durian when I was in Singapore a few years ago. The taste isn’t so bad, but the combination of the texture and smell is what gets me.

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I have no idea but you earned a GQ

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It gets super mushy.

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