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What don't they try on TV that they don't attach sex to?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) September 18th, 2010

Is it me or does it seems like sex is used to sell 90% of goods on TV commercials? I sat there in Primetime and studied all the commercials that came on in between the shows I was watching. Most had some type of sexual overtone or sexual double untendered. I seen sex used to try and sell me burgers, breath mints, snacks, shave creams, ED pills, etc the ED pills are a given. I started to wonder what didn’t they try to use sex to sell? I could come up with a few, but not many, pharmaceuticals, bail bondsmen, hemorrhoids, hospitals treatment, auto repair, pet food, and I have to really think about what else. What would you add to the list of things they try to sell 95% or more without the use of sex? Yes, sometimes they do use sex to sell cars…………….

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Apples Beer Candy Nope, can’t think of anything. Oh wait, things that have to do with babies like diapers and stuff.

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“Diapers and stuff” lol

Fast food.

Edit: I just remembered that commercial with Paris Hilton that made a big uproar. I don’t know the restaurant it was for, we don’t have it here. Scratch that.

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Oh yeah..forgot about babies.

@TheOnlyNeffie I remember some bikini model on a beach towel trying to sell me a burger or some fat guy on a chaise lounge doing the same, also a while back there was some gal in a white shirt “filled out” quite amply trying to sell me a burger as well as some chic on a mechanical bull….. Burgers are fast food to me. ;-P

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@Hypocrisy_Central yep, you’re right. My answer was a big, fat, sexy fail.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Fast food is sexy, that is why Ronald Mcdonald got into trouble, he was trying to stuff his Big Mac into Wendy’s Hot and Juicy while the King was trying to work his Whopper on Wendy’s Snack Stacker. ;-D

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Things for old people, like stairlifts, orthopedic chairs and insurance products. Never seen anything sexy in any of those ads.

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And you haven’t even considered subliminal imaging with hidden messages of a sexual nature and also suggestions we go out for a snack.

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@zen_ Disturbing…....and I was getting hungry, not anymore….........disturbing <shutter shutter>

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I don’t know if it’s as high as 90% in commercials, but it’s definitely too high for my taste—and I’m no prude. But what bothers me more is the amount of sex and sexual innuendo in TV shows. God I get sick of it. And it always makes me worry about the impact he has on young kids.

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The Clapper. And if YOU associate it with sex, then perhaps you need to see your physician.

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I think British ads must be way different from American ones. I’ve certainly never seen anything like that phone ad here. Which seems in any case to be targeted at young people. Although the ad features old people it’s not a phone specifically for old people. I was thinking more of products that are specifically for the elderly.

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Sorry to say, but surveys have proven that sex sells products. why? sex is on peoples minds about 60% of the time.

Which commercial had you rather watch on television? a commercial for Pop Tarts or a commercial for Victoria’s Secret or Haynes Underwear for men?

Case closed.

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Alcoholic drinks. All of them. Well, beer anyway. I’m not sure they’re allowed to sell liquor on TV. But wine and beer and those high alcohol malt drinks.

Sex certainly sells to me. I suppose it sells to women, although I wonder if romance sells better. Maybe these days women are so used to it that sex sells to them, too.

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Let’s see.. Metamucil and fiber products, kid stuff (obviously), Depends, tampons, douches, band-aids, kleenex, cough/cold/flu stuff.. I dunno, I can think of all kinds of unsexy products. ;)

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@Austinlad And it always makes me worry about the impact he has on young kids. Maybe make them feel if they are not boinking like bunnies that they are too uncool, trollish, geeky, or hideous and that is why the “cool” people would rather lick toilet film than be caught naked with them.

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