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How do you define laziness?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) September 18th, 2010

Sometimes we just feel lazy. Sometimes we call someone lazy.

What’s your criteria, and when do you decide that someone is truly a lazy person?

What’s lazy, for you?

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Lazy for me is when someone sits around all day and doesn’t clean up after themselves.

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Strating to type an answer but then…....

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thought this was so applicable!

“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’.”
Martin Luther

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When someone takes the easy way out.

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When it takes someone an absolute age to attempt to do something

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getting a job you hate instead of living life…because your afraid to be without money

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Laziness is a more natural expression of hopelessness than sadness. Laziness is simply calling yourself or others lazy instead of investigating (accepting) the real problems and dealing with them.

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excactly what am doing right now! Woke up went straight on the computer and have been sitting there for more than 4 hours I think. I haven’t showered, just eating and watching youtube videos and stuff.

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In reality, to me, there are two groups of people that are lazy. one, are homeless people. the majority of these people could work at doing something to be productive in their life, rather than mooching off the government and the working people. two, men who do not shave. i have never grown a beard or mustache, because i felt like i was not properly groomed. i guess a beard looks good on some men, but again to me, its just laziness.

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I don’t use the term lazy for anyone, including myself.

Everyone does what they do, or doesn’t.

Laziness is far too objective of a word to toss around lightly and smacks of judgement.

Usually, all it really means is, someone measuring someone elses work, activities, exercise levels etc. against their own and passing judgement.

Someone that is obsessed with cleaning their house for hours a day might consider someone that only cleans once a week to be lazy.

Someone that works full time might consider someone that works part time to be lazy.

Someone that is an exercise fanantic might consider a non-exerciser to be ‘lazy.’

It is far to subjective a term and one that is designed to create a ‘superior-inferior’ stance.

I’m a busy ENOUGH person, if anything, I think this society needs to shift it’s notions and embrace a hell of a lot more laziness!

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Laziness is not trying to make things better. It is accepting the way things are done or have always been done without question. Laziness is not using your brain.

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I read a definition of laziness: someone who lays in bed when they’re not tired.

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Not doing anything at all on purpose

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^ Meditating?

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I wouldn’t count meditating because you’re still doing something, which in this case would be trying to calm the mind or praying.

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I like to call it not doing anything, on purpose.

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Ah gotcha. I like to do the same with praying

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I like the ‘we are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS,’ saying.

I think it’s totally f—ked up that most people are more comfortable running around in a constant state of neurotic busyiness and often, very uncomfortable with just being, doing nothing.

A sad commentary on our twisted values.

Right, as @zen_ say’s….doing no-thing on purpose.

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If you’re bored – you’re being intellectually lazy.

If you’re apathetic – you’re being emotionally lazy.

If you’re trying to make an excuse when you know where responsibility lies – you’re being ethically lazy.

If you’re not paying attention to how what you do affects those around you – you’re being morally lazy.

If you’re not paying attention to how what you buy affects those far from you – you’re being economically lazy.

If you’re pretending that it’s not your choice to be lazy – you’re being DAMN lazy.

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This might define it.

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I love being lazy

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A person is lazy when they expect everyone else to do things for them and never reciprocate.

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@Gamrz360 Thanks for the link to wikipedia. What a cool site.

That’s why I asked How do you define laziness and not how does the dictionary define it. The 20 answers before yours should’ve been a clue – but you were too lazy to read them.

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This is way TMI, and it may actually be marked down as sheer exhaustion rather than laziness. But I haven’t been able to sleep more than 40–60 minutes at a time because I’m so pregnant right now and her head is pressed up against my bladder. Well, I laid down to take a nap this evening and mysteriously managed to sleep for 6 hours in a row.

How did I manage that, when I have to go to the bathroom every hour? Yeah.. my body just didn’t even bother to wake me up. I knew I was going to have to invest in diapers —- I just thought they’d all be for the baby.

Now THAT’S lazy.

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No, that’s pregnant. Hang in there, mummy. All the best. :-)

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I’m with @zen_ on that one. In fact, I’d be surprised if that wasn’t a common thing already. I’d be more surprised if it didn’t catch on from now on. Not lazy. Brilliant.

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