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What could be wrong with my boiler?

Asked by nebule (16439points) September 18th, 2010

I think the pilot light keeps going out… basically the boiler is working…heating water…and central heating is working but after a while it seems to stop… but the boiler is still making a whirring noise…If I run the kitchen hot water tap it just comes through cold… I then have to press the reset button and it comes back on again.

Any ideas what’s wrong with it and if it’s something I can fix or if I really need to contact my landlord.. (he can be a bit slow at getting things done…so if I can sort it myself without cost or blowing the house up that would be cool!).

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needs servicing. Besides it’s a safety thing too.

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The pilot has a flame monitor that keeps the circuit operating as long as the pilot stays on. Some models incorporate other safety features like electrical power loss, or if the boiler reaches an over temperature or over pressure condition. If you are not familiar with gas and electrical circuits, I strongly recommend (no insist) that you call a qualified technician.

The uninitiated face a wide range of deadly dangers, electrocution, fire, explosion, scalding, and flooding to name a few. I hate cold water but death could be even more uncomfortable.

It is you landlord’s duty to maintain the heating system. Failure to do so is a safety and liability issue. It wouldn’t hurt to remind him if he is slow to act.

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Thanks guys! I will phone him! :-) xxx

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