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Why do I feel nauseous in the mornings?

Asked by Jay484 (1555points) September 18th, 2010

sometimes in the morning I feel my self moving around in circles when i’m not moving at all then after that i feel like i’m gonna throw up.. any ideas of what i can do to help.

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Sounds like you are experiencing vertigo. There are many things that can cause vertigo, it is best that you see a doctor to start ruling things out. Feel better soon. :)

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My mother has had vertigo for about 65 years. you are complaining of the same symptoms. to test yourself for this condition, go to the store and purchase a package of air or seasick pills. they are OTC. take one when you feel this dizziness again. if the pill helps, you will then have your answer.

You should see a doctor for a checkup. your symptoms are identical to vertigo.

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ok well im home alone right now so im just gonna go take a nice long warm bath and listen to my music

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It could be labyrinthitis.

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Ear infection.


It’s vertigo. I’ve had it before——it usually goes away after a few days. You wake up and you feel like the bed is spinning in circles, even though you’re perfectly still, and you feel dizzy and try to grab onto the bed or something nearby because it feels like you’re going to fall off. A few years ago, I had a “sudden attack” of vertigo, brought on by a cold that I had a few weeks before. Apparently, the doctor told me that the cold virus affected my inner ear, impinging on the vestibular nerve in my inner ear. This is the part of the inner ear that is responsible for maintaining balance. Because the nerve was affected, I became very nauseous and “spinny” for several days. The doctor called it “vestibular neuronitis” (you can Google it for more info). I had never felt such bad vertigo before, and it was scary because I didn’t know what was causing it. I had already gotten over my cold many weeks prior to the vertigo, so I didn’t have any symptoms other than the vertigo itself. Fortunately, it cleared up in about 3–4 days. The doctor gave me Gravol for it, but that didn’t really help. Raw fresh ginger, cut up and boiled in Coca-Cola or hot water and honey, seemed to work better. It’s an old Chinese remedy my grandmother taught me. It got rid of some of the nausea, but the only thing you can really do is to wait it out. The good thing is that once you’re back to normal, you won’t be more susceptible than any other person who’s never had vertigo, that’s what my doctor told me.

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@Jay484—Thank goodness!

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This is a question for your doctor. It could be lots of things, but you should find out for sure and not just accept possible answers from us, if one of us is wrong, and you avoid going to the doctor because you’ve decided to pick one of our answers, your health could be seriously damaged. Talk to your doctor. You can even mention some of the ideas we came up with, but please talk to your doctor. Use the internet as a springboard, but not as an alternative to talking with your doctor.

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