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Where's a good place for a "$100" cup of coffee?

Asked by egon (55points) March 28th, 2008

I fly out of PAO and SQL, and have been to HAF, MRY, HWD, but am looking for more ideas.

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Hell for $100, ill grow the beans, grind em, brew em, and make you the best god damn coffee you ever had in your life! =D

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My House ^^^

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100$!?? Really? I must be a cheapo, because I think fivebucks is was too costly!!

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@TheHaight, you’re not a cheapo, 5$ for a cup of coffee is way too costly.

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oh, that’s what me and my friends call starbucks… Fivebucks… I only
buy a tall, every once in a while, when
My Friend is working so I can get a discount. ;)

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I think they meant the question to be like the saying, haha.

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Yeah, these are more supposed to be places to fly to, get coffee/food, fly back.

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@egon Yea my house, fly to the airport, ill pick you up, make u a cup of blueberry coffee, and ill drive you back so you can be on your way. =]

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