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Is any one else fed up with the current social construct?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) September 18th, 2010

but has not in their view any foreseeable escape beyond becoming a lonesome hermit?

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And yet the hermit is a stage in the development and evolution of each one of us. Enlightenment can be attained regardless of the social construct under which you toil.

After lonesome hermit our young hero (or perhaps heroine) often morphs into a very charismatic leader of others. And then effects change to the social construct itself.

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The next generation coming up are digital natives. They have had unprecedented access to information about myriad opinions about nearly everything there is. They have grown up in an age where knowledge is constantly changing.

Current social constructs maintain themselves because people have grown up where things happened so often around them that just seemed right. These kids, it will become more and more true, will grow up in an environment where less and less seems constant, and won’t be stuck in the same way.

So I feel like working with kids is the forseeable escape. If you don’t want to, probably best to go for the hermit option…in 50 years, I think you might be able to come out though.

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In 66 years, i have noticed many social changes on our planet. most are due to the internet and cellur communications. its true that we are living in the communication and information age. i look at it, this way. in life, some things are better left unknown. i made it without a computer. i made it without a cellphone. i made it in a time that was slower and people stopped to smell the coffee. i made it without developing an ulcer. i made it with one marriage. i made it with great children that gave me no problems. i made it with good health.

Society and morales are forever changing. like another Fluther asked, “why are all the commercials somehow linked to sex?”. this is because sex sales and the story about the birds and bees is every so popular. society will be ever changing. the end is the future. why? because history repeats itself.

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The social construct is what you make of it, nothing else.

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I don’t think you’re ever supposed to be content with society.

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”..fed up..”?, no. ‘Fed up’ tends to suggest that one has reached the end of one’s tether.
Highly dissatisfied ?, yes. Have been for a long time.
But very optimistic about the future. The move towards a happy and peaceful world for all is coming ever nearer. Despite what the fearmongers would say.
The tools needed to bring about the change are, largely, now in our hands. Chiefly, the Internet.
I,for instance, can quite easily share knowledge with you about an information site such as this without having to go to the trouble of physically seeking you out and lending or giving you a material copy. I can merely post here. Great.
The future looks very promising. For all of us.

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O tempora! O mores!

@iamthemob, they prefer to be called “aboriginal digerati.”

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I had come to a point where I realized I was worthless. No one needed me. Worse, I was hurting them merely by being around. I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to suffer more. I wanted to be invisible; alone while surrounded by people. I wanted a gutter to lie in and to have no one pick me up out of it. Instead, they would splash more dirty, fishy-smelling water over me.

As I saw it, the rules were against me. I couldn’t live with only the love a wife could give me. I needed other women to love me, because if they did, then maybe I wasn’t so worthless, after all. Besides which, my wife wasn’t loving me, anyway.

I don’t think the social construct is going to change. I don’t think I can change it, and even if I did, it wouldn’t work. The construct is evolving to adapt to new circumstances, but it has remarkable stability. The forms may change, but the content is the same.

I can be a hermit if I want. It’s my choice. If I want to hurt myself, it’s my choice. I understand that when I do want to hurt myself, it’s not really me who wants that. I do it, perhaps, to spite the society as I see it.

I guess I don’t have to do that, but sometimes my brain goes wrong, and that’s what I want to do.

The answer, I believe, does not lie in hermitude. Engagement. That’s what I need. I need to engage with this construct, with this society, with these people. I may not get what I want—but it a strange way, not getting what I want is what I want. If I open myself to what is here, I can dance with it. I may step on her toes, and she may bang my shins, but we’ll learn to dance more better. There’s really not much choice in the matter, anyway.

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