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What is considered "sleeping in" to you?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) September 18th, 2010

Some people are funny they sleep a half hour longer then they normally do and that’s sleeping in. Do you have a day you get to sleep in?

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Anything past 8AM is sleeping in for me. And that’s even if I’ve been up later than usual.

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@Aster @tedibear That’s not sleeping in. Sleep till noon. Well I guess that depends on what time you get up normally.. Now four am. YES I would say you slept in.

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FF, 9 is sleeping in to me. It almost Never happens!

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Sorry, @Frenchfry , my idea of sleeping in is staying in bed til 7AM. I’m too antsy to stay in bed longer than that.

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I don’t even know anymore. It’s been so long. ^_^

It seems even on days “off”, my husband will say “I wanna hang out with the man!” and go and get him out of his crib. Then he brings him in to me in our bed, and goes back to sleep.

Uh, I thought you wanted to hang out with the man? I believe let the kid sleep. He sleeps = I sleep. Dope.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That’s not fair! He sleeps and you don’t.

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@Seek_Kolinahr He means he wants to have “the man” next to him while they both sleep. It’s sweet but exasperating.

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Yeah, because every 2 year old wakes up in the morning and wants to go right back to sleep. Uh huh.

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About 8AM… how much I hate school.

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9:30 AM would be really sleeping late.

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@Seek_Kolinahr omg; that’s bad, then! By doing that you have to get up while he still sleeps. I hope you can put a stop to this. Or it could go on for a looooong time.

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Today, 10:30am. Saturday is the only day I can really sleep in late. The problem is, if I sleep in past 8:30, I might as well write off the day as a “lazy day.”

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More than 45 minutes out cold on the recliner is heaven.

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I normally wake up between 7–8:15 AM. Waking up around 9:00 AM, as @Aster suggested, would be sleeping in for me. I have friends who naturally sleep until 12:00 PM-2:30 PM. I could never do that. My body would wake me up.

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Sleeping in to me is any time past 10. On weekends I normally get up around 11–1, depending on when I went to bed.

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Anything later tham 8am is sleeping in for me, and quite often in summer anything later than 7am is sleeping in. and I feel quite guilty about it when I get up later than these times LOLL

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Anything before P.M. I can reasonably argue is sleeping in for me. After that, I feel like the day is gone before I even get up.

So, you know, I sleep until the next A.M.

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10ish. Unless I went to sleep early. If I go to sleep before 11 I’m always up at 8:30 on the dot.

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9. I can’t stand to be in bed longer than that; it puts me in a TERRIBLE mood.

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@Cruiser You are way too young to be dosing off in a recliner!
I’ve never done it once!

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7 a.m. for me. I really like to be up before the sun.

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Sleeping in means I don’t have to set my alarm and the time of day doesn’t matter.

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@Aster I think after 1 am it is OK to pass out on the recliner at any age!!

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@Cruiser, of course it’s ok. It just seems like it’s for old people but I didn’t see a “1 a.m.” before now.

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For me, sleeping in is waking up at 10 or later (I generally don’t like to wake up any later than 12).

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I have to be ill to sleep in. And I guess thats not really considered sleeping in XD.

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Anytime after 7.00am

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sleeping in is anything past 11am… without a set schedule right now, i try to be up by 10am just so i’m not completely wasting the day.

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I don’t really call it sleeping in. I call it getting the proper amount of sleep. I don’t think I could give you a number of hours, since it changes depending on how much I need…

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In the old days, when I was working at an office, I used to call it sleeping in when I didn’t have to set my alarm and could just sleep until I woke up naturally.

Now, I go to bed when I get sleepy, usually around 2 am, and wake up naturally, usually around ll am or noon.

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I usually get up between 7am and 7.30. Sleeping in is 8.30, 9am max. The days I can do it vary as I work different days each week.

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Anything after 5:30 is late for me. I hate to waste the coolest part of the day.

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@rooeytoo is that 5:30 a.m. or p.m.?

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anything past 8:00 is sleeping in for me.

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As you know FF I’m old so I stay up as long as I want and get as at whatever time I feel like it.
I usually go to bed at 2:00am and get up at 9:00am. I don’t sleep well so I’m up and down all night.

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10 am is late for me! However that is the weekend. During the week I get up at 5 am to see my husband off to work and my son off to school then I go back to bed until about noon! Not laziness, just late nights and absolutely no life!

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When I’m left to my own devices, I can easily sleep in til noon or 1.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – am, that is when it is the coolest and the sunrise is beautiful!

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I’m up at 6AM Monday to Saturday with the alarm.

On Sunday (my day off), I don’t set an alarm and wake up between 7 & 9AM.

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I’d like to say that it’s anything past 8AM, but mostly on a normal day i’m up only shortly before 9AM. When someone says they’re sleeping in though, i imagine something like getting up at 11AM or something.

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Holy crap. My husband “let” me sleep until almost ten this morning.

I should have a gallbladder attack every day. Wow.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Sorry to hear about your attack. Feels good to sleep in doesn’t it.

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The crack of Noon.

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I think 5pm would be sleeping in for me.

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