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I am thinking of switching Internet providers. What is a good choice?

Asked by LostInParadise (25388points) September 18th, 2010

I have been with Earthlink for quite some time, but there are others who can provide greater speed for a smaller cost. I have no serious complaints with Earthlink. I have outages sometimes, but I have found the support more than adequate. I looked up reviews of Internet providers and there were mostly complaints about all of them, including Earthlink. I hate having to switch email accounts (I should have switched to gmail long ago), but I am strongly tempted to switch. Comcast is our local cable company and I am considering Verizon’s FIOS. Any other options?

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I have mines through Embarq. Comcast is fast. WIcked fast. I like you though have had this for four years so.

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Clear 4G wireless is not available everywhere, but maybe your area is covered.

I haven’t used it, but I am moving soon and might give it a try.

I’ve used phone company (Pacbell, SBC, AT&T) DSL for a decade and have been happy with it.

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I have FiOS. It’s reliable (unless your installer is an idiot and puts the outdoor box underneath the drain spout. I’ve had to have the thing replaced twice after they electronics were flooded out. They moved it the second time) but pricey, and I don’t care what their advertisements say, you’re paying a minimum of $150, closer to $200 for internet and cable after fees and taxes and whatnot.

I’d switch, but there are no other providers in my area. Three cheers for being a fish in a barrel.

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I have FIOS for phone TV and Internet and am happy with it. Especially the price.

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Comcast may have an agreement with Earthlink, that lets you get the Comcast cable and internet with Earthlink as your e-mail. That’s what I did with Time Warner.

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We have Comcast for cable, internet, and home phone. It seems cheaper that way and the internet is always fast.

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AT&T. they provide one price for internet and faxing. no home phone. around $35 monthly.

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Check to see what the pricing is on an unlimited 4G service is in your area, if available. The minimum speeds on that level will allow you stream video decently (although there will probably be some drag). There may be some signal boosting boxes you can get for your home as well.

I don’t even see why people have cable if they have high speed internet – I don’t believe in cable providers at all anymore.

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