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What is the proper response to a matter-of-fact voicemail destined for someone with your same name telling you that the women's shelter does want you to come give pony rides, but that you will be required to provide your own liability insurance in case the pony hurts someone?

Asked by wabarr (458points) March 28th, 2008

For real. Should I call them back?

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After laughing and telling my friends, I’d probably call the women’s shelter and explain that they probably had the wrong person.

If I were ambitious, I might contact an insurance agency and borrow a pony from somewhere.

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put on a horse’s voice, tell them that you wouldn’t hurt a fly

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call them back! If you don’t call them back, and the shelter is expecting someone to show up and no one shows up and there are homeless kids waiting for a pony to show up, you might have bad karma for a long time!!

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what a great question! This is what I love about Fluther. @allen, put on a horse’s voice – hilarious!

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This made me actually laugh out loud!! This was posted 2 hours ago. Were all waiting! Did you call them back? :)

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Not yet. I will let you know when I do.

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maybe it was a prank call

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Hooray! Another cake question.

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Have Mr. Ed call them back

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