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I am having period problems, help?

Asked by Sunshine1245_119 (3points) September 18th, 2010

I have been on my period since the 23rd of August with only a 5 day break. I first was on Loestrin24 and then my OBGYN switched me to Balziva to stop the bleeding. I still have not stopped so they swtiched me onto Ovcon 35. I took it this morning and the doctor told me that it will stop my bleeding, I still have not stopped. What should I do? I have had problems in the past with irregular bleeding and heavy periods. In the past it has caused me to be anemic, and need a blood tansfusion. My blood count has been back up and then since of the bleeding has recently dropped from 11.6 to 10.6. Then I had 2 heavy days and are still bleeding. Do I need to worry about my blood count? Doc said if I continued to bleed to go to the hospital, but my mom says all they will do is send me home.

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Holy crap. I’d go see another GYN for a second opinion. Switching up your pill three times in one month is absurd. No wonder your body is rebelling. (LoEstrin24Fe wrought havoc upon me, too. That was a superfun honeymoon * eyeroll *)

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Go to the hospital.

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I second “go to the hospital”. Do not take this lightly. I will message you privately.

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3rd vote for going to the hospital.

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Okay, the reason I didn’t say “hospital”:

ER doctors are not gynecological specialists – they are there to manage an emergency situation until a specialist can be contacted. If I know my roof is caving in, I’m not going to call a general contractor, I’m going to call a roofer.

Since she is currently fairly well other than a little uterine bleeding (I’m assuming you’re not haemorrhaging pints), she’ll get much more useful information for a $50 visit to a gynecologist than a $500 trip to the ER.

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I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr. I’d be doing everything I could to see another OBGYN as soon as possible. In the meantime, how much are you bleeding? I’ve sent patients to the ER for heavy bleeding before (heavy as in needing to change a tampon very frequently or saturating a pad within 15–30 minutes. If you do go to the ER, you need to stress to them how much you’ve been bleeding and for how long. Tell them how often you are changing your pad/tampon. Maybe they could check to see if there is any other cause for the bleeding. I’ve never heard of a doctor changing a person’s birth control pills 3 times within one month. It generally takes your body a little while to adjust to the hormone levels from the pills.

Your body most likely won’t react to the new pill you took today right away (in regards to stopping your bleeding). Did your OBGYN do anything else to determine why you are bleeding so much (any ultrasounds or other exams)? I’d be more concerned that something else is going on personally.

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4th vote “go to the hospital”....!!!

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ya… I agree. hospital. now.

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Are you taking anything that can be a blood thinner. Asprins, vitamin E or any herbs?
I find that taking any of the things I mentioned above can make my period last longer than usual.
Are you currently exercising?
Also ask a pharmacist what should you avoid having with your medicine. Doctors aren’t always aware of the do’s and don’ts of certain medications. You may be taking a supplement that doesn’t allow your medication to work.
Either way. I agree that you should seek a new OBGYN.

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