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Recommended small office printer and/or scanner?

Asked by jaytkay (25767points) September 18th, 2010

I am looking for a printer and scanner for a 2-person office. No preference between an all-in-one unit or separate machines, I can go either way.

Looking for testimonials. What specific models have you used? Would you buy the same one again?

Basic needs
—Economical, not an ink/toner hog
—Mac and Windows compatibility
—Sheet-fed scanning, at least 10 documents at a time

Bonus points:
—Network sharing
—Duplex (two-sided) scanning
—Duplex (two-sided) printing

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3 Answers

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I’ve always gone with a Canon, there always reliable and can print out good picture quality.

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I have owned the HP Office Jet K80xi for many years. its a copier, fax, scanner, and all the features you described. no problems.

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I’ve always had luck with Canon as well. My parents currently have a small LiDE (33-something) scanner that works like a charm.

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