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What kinds of questions or answers do you flag?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30822points) September 18th, 2010

Flagging is one of the ways we help keep Fluther clean of “clutter.” It occasionally keeps things civil in the more dramatic threads.

What kinds of questions and answers deserve a flag from you?

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None, except for blatant personal attacks and outright spam. I believe in freedom of speech, and vehemently oppose censorship. I’ve managed to piss off all the mods here because of that…

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Anything that doesn’t meet the guidelines.

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I flag, in addition, anything that is more about mocking a response or question than it is about responding to the response or question. Blatantly hateful responses or questions. And what @chels said while I was typing.

I freely flag, with a reason why generally given. The mods can sort it out from there – flagging is just a way to narrow their scope.

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Like @chels, I have a duty as a mod to flag/moderate anything that doesn’t meet the guidelines. There is sometimes a lot of gray area, especially when dealing with personal attacks, but we always work it out.

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I tend to flag questions more than answers. I usually flag them if they don’t make sense. Sometimes (rarely) if they are they just tragically misspelled and/or txt spk.

I will occasionally flag answers that are personal attacks or humor in general threads.

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Spam a few times a week. Occasionally a question which is nonsensical or incomplete.

I can’t recall the last time I flagged an answer. It would have to be a blatant personal attack to get a flag from me

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I usually only flag questions if they are spam or they are blatantly not up to writing standards. The answers I usually flag are either personal attacks or blatantly unhelpful in the general section.

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More often than any other reason in the guidelines, I flag I questions that are too vague to understand whether it’s because it’s not an actual question or it fails to meet writing standards. It’s normal to have a few misspelled words here and there, but if the sentence looks like it went through a blender, how can I answer the question?

And I’m quite happy with the moderation on Fluther :) The volunteers do a good job.

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There was a time a while back when I would flag the “party” threads….......whoah there! Before the lynch mob hunts me down, may I add a little clarity? Okay so this was back when those particular fun filled threads were outside Meta. I simply felt that was the best place for them. Low & behold as time passed that is where they relocated & remain to this day. Long may they continue…...hoorah!

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SPAM only. That’s it on answers.
Questions I will not flag.

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Sometimes the ones that make no sense in relation to the question. Once, one was not removed, but the moderator asked an additional question to the poster, which brought out a rational reason for the response. I’m glad that it didn’t get deleted. The moderators really know their stuff.

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Personal attacks, mainly. I really don’t like seeing people get away with personal attacks.

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Spam and personal attacks. I have not flagged anyone in a long time. So the mods must be doing a excellent job.

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Spam mostly, sometimes personal attacks, once in awhile something that appears to be nonsense, and off topic stuff on General questions.

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Spam, and unhelpful answers in General.

Not so much misinformation, but answers like “You probably deserved it” when someone asks how they might fight a traffic ticket.

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So many have said spam, I never see spam, what do you call spam?

Personal attacks mostly and even then not very often. Seems as if the major offenders have disappeared or slacked off.

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Question: “Where can you find awesome Nike shoes at half price?”

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@Seek_Kolinahr – I guess I don’t spend enough time here (which amazes me, I think I spend a lot of time here!!!) cuz I have never seen one of those.

Good job flaggers, you are keeping my fluthering uncluttered and spam free! Thank you.

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I checked out the cheap nikes but that url is inoperative, shoot I need a new pair of runners!

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@rooeytoo There seems to be a certain time of day for spammers to come on, with answers like “Go to this site for all your answers” or “You can find what you want here” and the link goes to a sales site.

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I must admit that it pained me to flag The Pink Panty Guy after reading a moderator’s story about the person’s persistence of repeatedly posting on Fluther. Upon reading the sincere responses by people, it just couldn’t be helped, and I’ve sent the people who responded a heads-up first.

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…I have to ask… “The Pink Panty Guy”?

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New to me too.

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The mods can give more info., but apparently this person shows up with a new account every month or more claiming to be a young male who has a penchant for wearing a female’s pink panties and is “outed” by someone else at the school. Because it crops up with alarming frequency, it gets deleted pretty quickly.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Ha, ha – and then there is the ‘windpants’ guy.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Now that you mention it, I did see a recent question about a guy who said he liked to wear girl’s underwear!

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I remember Windpants guy from AB. That dude’s a weirdo for sure.

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@jabb I don’t have a problem with a guy wanting to wear women’s panties, but when it is the same story over and over on this site under a different guise, and is sucking in fellow members that sincerely want to help, it deserves flagging. While it earns an eye-roll now, I can’t help but wonder what is really going on in the mind behind the persona.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Oh yeah – I was just saying that I hadn’t realized it was a troll.

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I think he’s like an internet flasher.

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I have to say, it thrills me that many never see the spam, the Pink Panty Guy, Boy George Girl, Windpants Dude, and the like. It means we’re doing a good job, both the members and the mods. Go jellies!

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@augustlan, but those trolls are almost like familial fixtures of the fluther community! It’s like going to Disney World and not seeing kids picking their noses, it just ain’t right!

And besides. Windpants are comfy, as long as I don’t get made fun of for wearing them.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard As long as you don’t start discussion how snugly they cuddle your genitals when the wind blows, we’re cool.

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@Seek_Kolinahr But then he could be Fiddle Playing Snuggly Cuddled Genitals Creole Bastard!

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Wow. My last post was totally written at 3:30 in the morning, and I didn’t have my glasses on. Please ignore the utter rape of the English language.

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@Seek_Kolinahr, you owe me a new keyboard. Mine is now covered in cream soda, straight from my nose. Thank you for that… lol

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Honestly? I’ve never flagged a question or answer. The mods usually get to it before I have time to go back and look.

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A lot of stuff, mostly in General. I’m a loose cannon, kind of like Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct, minus the kinky sex.

Long-ass questions with no details, flag. Spam, flag. Homework, flag. Non-thought-provoking (in General), flag. If I think it should go elsewhere (Social or Meta), I flag it and leave a little note.

Personal attacks (in any section), and unhelpful (“funny”) or off-topic quips in General. Funnily enough, many of those who claim to abhor Social tend to be post more than their fair share (i.e., 0%) of off-topic stuff.

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@iamthemob 100 points for knowing your movie references.

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Because I’m a grownup and can handle a differing opinion.

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Well, I think we all should feel put in our place

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It is simply my suspicion that the main cause of flagging is offence to differing opinion.

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Okay. But I’m sure that you can have your own grown-up reasons for flagging questions (standards, grammar, off-topic). If you are objective, you’re only helping the mods out. Flagging it just alerts the mods that something might be up. They make the final decision.

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@MeinTeil I disagree. I have never flagged on those grounds.

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Bully for you Bob

BTW, will we ever see an all Bob Friday on Fluther?

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@MeinTeil I certainly hope not.

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Oh, I forgot to add: in General, I flag questions and quips with typos. If you’re gonna be all “oh, I want serious answers only, blah blah blah”, then you better make sure you use proper capitalization, or Imma be flaggin’ yo ass.

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Ive never flagged, I tend to just ignore questions or answers that I feel are inappropriate.

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