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Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30795points) September 18th, 2010

Ha! It could be at the beach, or it could be in the comfort of your own home sitting at your computer surfing the questions and answers on Fluther.

Where have you felt the sting of a jelly?

What did you do to alleviate the pain?

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Beach; Southern California; lower right leg and thigh. Vinegar

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Yes, several times at the beach.

The first time is was more like a swarm of jellyfish, they stung me on my arm and I had a scar there that didn’t fade away for months.

The second time was the year after, I got stung by one on the ankle.

Both times I just got out of the ocean and went back to the house we were staying at, we didn’t really do anything to alleviate the pain, I just dealt with it until it stopped hurting. It certainly was not a pleasant experience!

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Well, there are a select few jellies with fairly lethal barbed tongues!! Otherwise, no I remain sting free….happily enough :¬)

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When I was around 8 yrs old, a group from church went crabbing somewhere in southern Delaware. I was sitting on the pier with my feet in the water, minding my own business, and a jellyfish stung me. I remember it was very painful. My mom poured lots of water on it, someone suggested peeing on the bite – supposedly urine relieves the pain, but i don’t know if this is true.

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I got stung on the heel of my foot when I was little. We were at Daytona Beach visiting my aunt and uncle. I barely remember it. All I remember is being in a lot of pain and my foot feeling like it was burning.

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I didn’t know about flagging. . .I’m pretty new to all this. I thought I said something pretty harmless about two getting into it on a thread and WHAM!! – I GOT ATTACHED AND STUNG BIG TIME!!!!! A nice jelly then sent me a private comment and clued me into flagging and that that gives the mods a heads up and has them take care of the situation. I then went about licking my wounds, in private. . . . all better now.

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Yes.It wasn’t too bad.;)

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On a scuba dive trip I used to swim a mile every morning around the boat and one morning I swam into a school of them…for about 500 yards there were millions of them!! HS it was like it was like swimming through cactus for almost 15 minutes there was nowhere to go but through them. I swam as hard and as fast as I could I even tried walking on water!! OMG I looked like I was sand blasted on my face, chest and front of my arms. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow…..

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Yes, but she’s not here now. I was bewildered, hurt and then really mad. I exect some good people left because of her stings.

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When jelly fish get stranded on the beach. They can still sting. I learn the hard way. LOL

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Once I caught a jellyfish, and put it on my seat on the boat to have a look at it from a little bit closer. Then I threw it back to the sea, and sat back on my seat. After a minute I started to feel my ass burning like hell. I couldn’t ease the pain too much, cause it was on my intime spot. But I heard that urin can calm the irritated area, and eventually neutralize the poison.

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I haven’t been stung (here or at the beach) but my daughter once was. We were at the local beach, and she was swimming happily. Then, she started screaming and practically flew out of the water. She’d been stung in several places on her arm and leg. The lifeguards at the beach here keep spray bottles of vinegar with them so they can help people who’ve been stung. After seeing the excruciating pain my poor girl was in, I pretty much stopped going in the ocean here. It’s either too cold or infested with jellyfish, and I have no desire to learn what that feels like.

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Yeah, but I got the answer modded and him banned.

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I really hope my name doesn’t come up in this thread..

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h-mmmmm, is a nerve being touched?

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Yes, a Portuguese Man of War. It hurt :(

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Yes, on the boob. This was an ocean jelly by the way. And it burned like hell and i was short of breath (unless i was just panicking) and i don’t remember taking anything for it actually. It eventually went away and didn’t leave a permanent mark or anything.

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