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Why do people kiss?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) September 18th, 2010

What’s so great about kissing? Why do people do it so much?

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@Aesthetic_Mess I’m so sorry for you if you don’t already know.

One can only hope that you’re too young or otherwise inexperienced to have tried much. I grant that it took me way too long to find out, but kissing is great. Kissing well (and being kissed much and well) is heaven.

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Its a great and romantical way to express someones love to one another. Also it feels irresistable to some people, which they can’t get enough of.

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It feels wonderful.

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Because it tastes good ^_^

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I’m with @marinelife. It feels wonderful, mostly. I am not one for the tongue thrust down my throat each time, or spitty kisses.

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I can’t actually remember when my last kiss was :-( but I know that is can be better than sex itself! Ohhhhhh….. :o)

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Kissing the right person feels wonderful. Kissing can show so many things. They can be warm and caring, hot and passionate, welcoming, and healing. I can still remember the last kiss my husband and I had before he left for his deployment. I can’t wait to kiss him again.

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It’s wonderful :)

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It can be an act of greeting (think of the French), of gratitude (a child receiving a present from a family member), an act of love (I still kiss my mom), and an act of passion.(Klimt_painting) It is a way to show affection. And yes, with the right person, it feels fantastic.

It would be interesting to find out if there are any cultures within humanity that do not kiss. When thinking about it, isn’t it a learned behavior?

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Kissing is one of the many ways to get very close to the one you love. It is an expression of your feelings for them.

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There are hundreds of nerve endings in your lips, why would it not feel good? Not to mention the chemical reaction going on in your head. It’s just fantastical!

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You feel a sensation of feeling loved even for just a second.

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I’m obsessed with kissing. I cannot restrain myself from doing it when I’m with my boyfriend (unless we’re not alone, of course). It’s fun and an automatic way to express your attraction/affection.

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its cute. instant affection. why not?

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