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What do you think is the greatest band of all time?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) September 18th, 2010

I think it’s Journey. I love their music.

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I’m not sure, there is too many bands out there to like. So I gotta say… I don’t have a favorite band.

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As an unabashed boomer, I gotta go with the Beatles.

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I don’t like choosing, but since you asked: Pink Floyd.

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So many fabulous groups, so little time.
Jethro Tull,
The Stones,
The Who,
Led Zeppelin,
Blue Oyster Cult,
The Doors,
Pink Floyd
Emerson Lake And Palmer
King Crimson
Ten Years After
Average White Band

And so many more that are equally Numero Uno…

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Queen. I go through periods of lust and love for other bands, but Queen is the best.

Ask me who my favourite musician is, however, and my brain will explode.

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Every time this question is asked, my answer is the same:

This is an impossible question to answer. I couldn’t even pick a “greatest band in the genre of ______”. Even if I tried a top ten, or a top 50 list, I’d leave someone out who is totally worth mentioning.

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Obviously, it’s Fat Larry’s Band

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It’s a toss-up between Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Woody Herman, Count Basis, Duke Ellington and Artie Shaw. Right, fellow oldsters?

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This changes for me every day but at this moment.. I can’t choose one, so I’ll tell you my top three.
Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and.. (Insert yours here)
Music is like food, it’s all personal taste.

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@Austinlad You know, I almost answered Count Basie (with serious thought to Miller, Dorsey, & Benny Goodman) before choosing a rock band for an answer. I was born post-big band era, but that was about all I listened to until sometime after the Beatles broke up! My iPod is mostly filled with jazz & big band stuff. Right on!

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Thanks @gasman. Me, too. I don’t think Big Bands are what @Aesthetic_Mess had it mind, though, so here’s my more contemporary list: Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan (even though I think they changed backup players a lot), the Eagles (tight!), the Stones, and of course Beatles. All of these bands were great and I loved them, but you know—now one of them could play “Frenesi” or “In the Mood.” ;-)

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Dire straits! They’re evergreen!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Has hit this nail squarely. Perhaps the Q should be rephrased so as to read, What (Who) do you think is the greatest band of all time, today? Or this week.
And what do you mean by “greatest” anyway?
For me, currently, Royksop are floating my boat. But by tomorrow or next week, who knows..

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Queen were fantastic live.

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Oh gosh. There are a few for me. Queen, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, U2.

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Here’s a list of the best selling artists. I suppose if you’re going buy sales alone, The Beatles are the all time greatest, although personally, I don’t have a taste for them.

My personal choice for all time greatest is Brand New. They’ve only been around for the past ten years and their sound is constantly changing. They get my vote because of how I feel when I listen to them. I’ve been listening to them for a while and their music leaves me with a feeling that others don’t.

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For me its between queen or ac/dc.

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Frank Zappa and the Mothers of invention.

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there are houndreds, but you must know that the beatles changed the music forever

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Joy Division. They are one of very few bands who were truly unique, at least at the time they came out.

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And how about Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carol King?

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^ Uh, band. Greatest band.

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They were bands, you silly…

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Did you just call me silly?! Come here, bend over.


ABBA. A lot of people like to make fun of ABBA, but they were an outstanding band that made great pop music in the last century. They did something that very few bands have done——they were extremely successful internationally despite writing songs in English, a language that was totally foreign to them, and they continue to be enduringly popular, despite disbanding more than 20 years ago. They also did something that very few bands today do——they wrote original, unique songs with great melody. I’ve always said they were “Masters of Melody”. That alone puts them at the top on my list.

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_ @zen_ I hate when you use my name against me!

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I’m with @hobbitsubculture and Joy Division…............or maybe New Order.

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No contest, Beatles! I saw them live in 1965 in St Louis. Pouring down rain…no one left the stadium.

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The Cure!!!!!!

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Grateful Dead…they are magic, man. They can make the sun set.

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Good answer. I liked The Cure the moment I learned Robert Smith had married his high school sweetheart early on in life. Made me realize that there is something to selling yourself even if it’s not your true self.

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Definitely Queen and Pink Floyd. Both are brilliant.

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And don’t let’s forget Carlos Santana!

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The Beach Boys. A lot of people would dismiss them as fluff, but Brian Wilson was a talented composer and lyricist. The band also covered a wide range of human emotions and experiences in their songs, from fun in the sun (“Surfin’ USA”) to the power of love (“Don’t Worry Baby” and “I Can Hear Music”) to the value of quiet introspection (“In My Room”). Their songs are relatable and easy to listen to.

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