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What is it called and how well does it work? (See details please)

Asked by Trillian (21106points) September 18th, 2010

You can buy one at Office Max for about twenty dollars. It jacks into your computer and somehow you now have phone service. I’ve seen them advertised on tv, and I saw a display of them the last time I was in Office Max. I have a lan line as part of my computer service but I don’t use it. I even have a phone number.
Do any of you know what I’m talking about, and if they work as advertised? The store rep didn’t know.

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yes, I know….gosh…but i can’t remember the name of it…“jack….” something….....
I, personally, don’t have an experience with that…just saw advertising for it..

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Thanks. Magic jack. That’s it. Now just need to know if it really works.

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It is called magic jack. It works, it has been our home phone for a couple of years now. There are three distinct disadvantages though. You have to dial the area code on every call, even local calls, the phone only works if the program is up on your computer and connected to the internet and the line will not support faxes or other types of data transfers. The upside is you CAN call anywhere, talk as long as you want and the reception is acceptable. You also get an email for every call and can click to get your message if they left one, so you can see your calls even if you are not home. We have phone plugged into ours and have not had any problems. We have a very old “dinosaur” desktop computer that we plugged in (with an old monitor so we could easily see if the program was up and connected) because if the power goes off to the computer, you have to log back on so the phone will work. Hope this helps.

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@Brock It does. Thank you. Welcome to the collective.

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I had MagicJack last year when I was abroad and traveling a lot. It worked great! I love it and still use it even though I’m back in America. The only disadvantage is that internet has to be relatively fast in order to get good reception, but if you have steady, stable, relatively fast internet then it works superbly. Highly recommend it!

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