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What's a good website that discusses the meaning of songs?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) March 28th, 2008 from iPhone

Even a forum would work.

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Couldn’t you discuss it here? Example: “What do you think the meaning of <insert introspective song name here> is?”

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have you tried or (i haven’t figured out how to put in a link to a website yet-sorry!) depending on what song you are looking for, they may have a decent discussion.

lovelyy's avatar is the best in my opinion.
try itt.

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Wikipedia has good information about the meaning and context of song lyrics. But its for popular songs only though

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I second lovelyy is awesome. I go there for lyrics as well as finding out what the song is about.

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I use but quite often it just has peope saying things like ‘good song’ or ‘i love this line’ im yet to find a really good site for song meanings… any song your interested in?

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