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If you divorce with shared guardianship of a grandchild can you be legally sued for child support?

Asked by Brock (31points) September 18th, 2010

I divorced my ex while we shared guardianship of my grandson. She kept the grandson. We have been divorced for 9 years and the divorce decree does not address this issue. The child is now 12 years old and living with his biological mother but I have never dissolved the guardianship due to a dread of the aftermath of such a move on my part. My fear of my ex coming after me for child support is keeping me in a position of tolerating non-stop drama and invasion of my life by my ex. She has remarried but will not leave me alone. She keeps something stirred up and I cannot develop a good relationship with my grandson because of her. I divorced her because I wanted to escape from her behavior. I don’t have enough financial resources to seek legal counsel. Has anyone ever dealt with or know of anyone with a similar story and if so can you share?

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I doubt if there can be any child support issue involved since guardianship only means if the parents are incapacitated, the grandparent will be first in line to take the child. If that happened, there could be a support issue, but not until then.

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I sent money to Abigail through western union every month untill she moved to Oklahoma . She married another Ghanaian man and does not call me anymore .

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