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Why isn't paper money blind-friendly?

Asked by jaytkay (25790points) September 18th, 2010

With your eyes closed, all US paper money feels the same.

Why aren’t there tactile indicators of the value?
Do any other countries have blind-friendly paper money?
How do blind people handle everyday money handling?

Maybe notched money would work. I used to work with 4×5inch sheet film, and it was notched so you could identify the film in the darkroom.

Examples here: Kodak film notch guide

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You may be interested in this court case and this page from the Treasury’s FAQ.

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This video from ABC news shows exactly how the issue directly affects the lives of the blind or sight-impaired…and how they’re forced into an odd, necessary dependency because of it.

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I think about this every time I travel outside the US. It seems really messed up to me and very thoughtless. Pretty much everywhere I’ve gone that isn’t America, they have different sized bills for each denomination. This is very practical and I imagine helpful for the sight-impaired. I dislike the fact that the US has chosen to ignore this issue, even though I know the government is well-aware.

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UK banknotes are in different sizes for the different denominations. I still imagine it would be hard to tell unless you happen to have one of each for comparison. They’re distinctly coloured too, which would help people who have some vision.

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It really doesn’t make sense at all.

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Canada’s currency is specially coded in braille for the visually impaired. It has been done for quite a few years.

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Are Canada and America’s notes printed on the same material? I remember hearing the bill was more of a fabric, and would that be as impressionable for braille? All in all I think it should be stamped in braille, as the mint seems to keep modifying our currency all the time, but its always to thwart counterfeiters.

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