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Why would a person get a sudden chill when they're not cold? Has it happened to you just from fatigue?

Asked by Aster (18947points) September 18th, 2010

You can be doing anything in a comfortably warm room when suddenly, you get a little shaking chill. What causes this? And have you noticed you can come down with a head cold a few days after this happens?

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Very rarely happens with me, but when it does i’m reminded of what my Grandma used to say. Namely, when you get a sudden cold shiver it’s supposed to represent someone walking over your grave. Figuratively speaking of course. Bless dear old Granny :¬)

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How can you get a shiver from someone walking over your grave if you’re not in a grave? sorry if I sound confused; tired.

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My internal thermostat goes completely wonky when I’m tired, so I get chills like that sometimes. For me, it’s not an indicator of an incipient cold, just fatigue.

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Did you eat something 10–15 minute earlier? Could be Postprandial shivers.

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@Aster As I said it’s meant to “represent” that. Simply relaying an old tale that’s all

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Thanks guys. I was just tired but feel great today! (-;

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