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Have you ever made a day all about someone you love just because?

Asked by Pandora (29733points) September 18th, 2010

What I mean is do a bunch or things for a totally relaxing day for your spouse, without wanting anything in return, and not because its your anniversary or their birthday or any holiday.
You only did it because you felt like expressing your love.
So if you did. What did the day entail?

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All the time for my 9 year old daughter. We once spent a holiday 3 day weekend in Disneyland—personally, I would have rather stuck a hot poker in my eye, but we did it for my daughter’s birthday.

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I have done that.but I won’t give the details ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille LOL, I mean a one sided thing. I think what you are suggesting usually has some return value associated to it. :)

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Why do you think I smile like I do?!! ;))

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@Cruiser Don’t know. Gas?? LOL

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@Pandora It’s either that or hiccups!! ;-)

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Oh sure, it’s one of my favorite things to do:

Breakfast in bed.
A bodywash in the tub/shower.
Full body lotion, ear swabbing, nails clipping, foot rub.
Lunch out, my treat.
TV, movies or videos while laying around in bed.
Letting them nap until dinner.
Their favorite sexual picadillos.
Body rub until they fall asleep.
Getting up to bring them ice water during the night until morning.

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Yes, I agree with @Neizvestnaya, it is one of my favorite things to do. I have also been on the receiving end and enjoy it just as much.

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@Pandora & @Seaminglysew: I have had days where I’m pampered and loved on all day and night, it’s fantastic!

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Great thing to do every now and then.
Not so bad being on the recieving end either.

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