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Would a button that would automatically send you to a random days questions, so that older questions would get more attention, be an improvement for Fluther?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) September 18th, 2010

There are a lot of old questions that are good, but it’s difficult to get to them. That way we all can draw on the total wealth of info this site has to offer.

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Most users don’t like older questions because they are more interested in interacting with the current users, not people who have long since disappeared.

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I just use the search feature, for specific topics, or browse through the Siblings section for just goofing around. It’s a few extra clicks, no big.

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The siblings also helps to connect threads.

Plus, it always helps if you know of a connected thread to include a link to it if it’s relevant.

(you’re idea might be fun, though, as an add-on – as long as it doesn’t create other issues, I would welcome the addition. But I think it doesn’t necessarily add anything to the functionality that the other features mentioned haven’t covered…)

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I would be interested in such a feature. I’d probably use it a lot.

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I wouldn’t mind a random question button. Not so much a random day, but a random individual button. We could call it the “chum bucket” or something.

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Johnpowell made a userscript that has a random button in it a while ago… it linked to random questions. It’s pretty interesting to see some of the questions from years ago.

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I have a script that does this. It requires Firefox and Greasemonkey. The script is here and it looks like this.

It would be nice to have a built in one. Mine doesn’t check to see if a question has been deleted first.

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I think having more ways to browse questions might be nice for some of you. Aside from random what other ways would make sense to you? Would topics help with that in any way?

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@timtrueman I’d like a Star Wars button.

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I really like how it is at ask.mefi. There are very general categories. I think there are twenty of them. All are displayed by default but if you want you can turn off ones you don’t care about. I would love to be able to turn off any questions in the relationship category here. And excluding topics here wouldn’t work for that since topics are used so poorly. I’m not actually sure what good the tags/topics are here. I understand them at but I would be curious if anyone actually ever used them for anything here. I don’t use them.

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I like the siblings feature. It’s enough for me. But then, I like simple and streamlined.

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Yeah, sure. Why not?

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I agree with @YARNLADY and @Seek_Kolinahr. I prefer newer questions because, chances are, more people ae following which leads tomre discussion but I also like the idea of having a radom question button.

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